any advice on a double buggy?

hi my 2nd baby is due in sept and my daughter will be 18 months so am looking for a really good side by side one. Anyone recommend any?i dint want a three wheeler though so any suggestions?thanx


  • hiya... I'm due in 6 weeks time with no.2, there will be 20 months between them but my son has CP so waas looking for something very sturdy etc... I looked at LOADS on line first of all then went trying them out inthe local pram shops big & small!! :\) I quickly realised the ones I liked the shape of were too wide to fit down my hallway and through the door!!! So in the end in was a toss up between the mamas & papas aria and the maclaren twin techno... :\) I went with the maclaren purely because it was on offer in mothercare & that the new colour came out for the aria and I didn't like it! I have a baby carrycot/papose thingy from my big pram I had with my first son so I'm using that with the buggy at the flatest it will go (which is very flat for a buggy) space wasn't a problem for the car as we have a picasso but it folds up really small for a double so we can fit under the stairs when in the house... I would say if you always out & about shopping etc then measure the doorways as that will cut out alot of double sideby side prams straight away... good luck! xxx :\)
  • Hi wenders I have the mclaren twin and it is brilliant, good for fitting into doors and it has been the most comforable pushcair I have had with my eldest whom is now 2 she loves it and as you said the recline on it is excellent. I would recommend it. XX GOOD LUCK TO BOTH XX
  • thanks lollylou it's good to know it defo works! lol :\) xx
  • hi, i have a maclaren its not a side by side one tho. the more ive used it the harder its got to manage and ive had enough of it now so i barely use it!my eldest prefers 2 walk around everywhere aswell now (good job!) the side by side styles i imagine are probably easier to push round but they are so wide, its a joke just trying to walk around places with a normal single buggy let alone one of those. i noticed u said u didnt want a three wheeler but i can honestly say theyre the best ones i find and i'dv had one if they were more available at the time i needed it. my single 3 wheeler was a breeze and ive tested a double and there isnt much difference they are a little pricey tho i must admit but i think theyre worth it.
  • when I was looking for mine I found the 3 wheelers really light etc BUT they were all wider than the maclearan side by side... that's what did it for me in the end... x
  • i have a maclaren techno twin and it is lovely but it is very tall so i would def try before you buy. m&p aria are very nice but they are better if you are short
  • Thanx everyone have just been looking at the maclaren online and am dragging my o/h round the shops next saturday!i think ill end up with the maclaren tho!Thanx again xx
  • hey im due baby number 2 in jan. also got a 1yr old. so there will be 20 months between them. i have a bugaboo and was goin 2 buy a buggy board. do u think my youngest will be 2 young 4 a buggy board?will i need a ugly double buggy?
  • I have a 2 1/2 yr old and my baby was born 18 April, opinions on buggy boards differ from person to person I personally think a double buggy is better coz if your toddler kicks off and has a tantrum you cant really make them stand on a buggy board if they dont want to but you can strap them in a pushchair, however i have friends who have managed fine with a board. I walk at least 3 miles a day so needed buggy. I have got phil and teds e3 and its great cos it can be either single or double buggy so that would be my recommendation. x
  • thanks haley. i think im goin 2 get a buggy bord and buy one of the phil and teds. they r the best lookin double prams plus u can get them in and out the door x
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