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nursery furniture

Hi all

Can any of you recommend any nursery furniture? Or where are you getting yours from? I am going to look at mamas and papas today but finding it really hard to find some that isnt too expensive.
Any ideas/recommendations would be great?

Thanks image


  • Hi Mini Jo,
    We haven't actually got ours yet and still deciding between M&P Amie (which is currently in the sale, wouldn't pay M&P full price!) and Babies R us Henley.

    Babies R us are quite good prices, I think Mothercare is quite expensive, and there's always Ikea who have some real bargins!

    When are you due? Most places seem to have sales quite often, so if you find something you really like it might be worth waiting to see if it goes on offer.

  • Well I purchased some nursery furniture from a company called Little Devils and I personally thought it was really good quality and more importantly was excellent value for money...

    Their Hush Hush range is absolutely gorgeous so I would suggest having a little look. I've attached the website link below.

    I hope I was of some use to you and if not too much trouble could you let me what you thought of their Hush Hush cot bed as that's what I bought.

    Mrs Jones
  • something tells me mrsjones2010 works for this little devils?
  • I was very selective when it came to choosing toys; as I wanted the ones that were not just safe but also the ones that engaged him intelligently. Try out the baby toy collection at They are an online shopping store for all kinds of baby products. They have some great deals on shipping and other daily and weekly offers. Their collection is huge and it was actually confusing for me to select one of the many. I finally got a piano from the Musical Toys and some more from their collection of Learning Toys and Infant Toys. They are very good.
  • We got all of our nursery furniture from the online shopping store of Their nursery furniture is novel and unique. You must check them out. We got the dresser custom made and a set of tables and chairs in the color that we were looking for quite a while. All of this at very affordable price. Their delivery schedules are perfect and they are professionals. Have a look at their online portal for more deals that they offer.
  • thanks all we ended up buying from mamas and papas as i had a 10% voucher
  • I didn't get it all from one place.... white cotbed from Babies R us....white wardrobe from Ikea....white chest of drawers I already have and FIL made a changing top for it....

    DLAM xxx
  • We bought ours from a company called - We bought a Sleigh Bed from them which was very well priced...I did my research !
  • Did you have a look at the collection at Since I wanted to start early decorating, I went in for a gender neutral theme. I found the color green very appealing and got the cute, jungle look. With cute looking monkeys and green trees and all, we got the whole nursery in that theme. We bought a lot of stuff for our nursery from They have an ample collection of all kinds of baby products and for nursery furniture. Their assortment is unique and very well priced. Check the nursery d??????cor here.

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