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Anyone want a double pushcahir?

Hi girls don't normally post in here, generally in baby & born in June 08 but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buy a double pushchair from me? Its a navy blue Out & About Nipper, in good used condition. Its one of the lightest double pushchairs on the market @ 10kgs and is only 77cms wide so fits through most standard doors. I have used it with a baby & toddler and its so easy to push and have had no problems getting in/out of any shops with it, plus all the wheels come off easily so will fit in the smallest of car boots too. Only looking for about ??100 for it (cost is about ??310 new). If anyone is interested then please e-mail on the link below and I can send you some pics. Just though I would see if any of you ladies wanted it before listing on ebay!!!!
Cheers Tammi xxxx
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