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which baby monitor??

Hi everyone,
We are looking at baby monitors and were thinking about the tomy premier advance but have just read some poor reviews. The BT 150 seems to get very good reviews. Do any of you have advice on these or can you recommend another one?

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sorry everyone this product seems to be no longer available on paperpunch x

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  • We've bought BT 150 due to good reviews - not the cheapest, but felt it was worth the cost. Type BT 150 monitor and review into google - babyworld and a range of other sites have reviews. Was also in some mags recently as best buy etc. Sorry I can't comment on performance yet, but hope this is a start image
  • i have the BT 150 after reading really good reviews on it. Its very easy to use, does everything you need it to and more. No probs with it. Bought it off amazon and got it a bit cheaper. Glad i bought it.
  • thanks girls we have decided on the BT150.....just found it for 44.99 + vat but also found a discount code!! so in total 44.99! very impressed with my find. going to post it in separate thread. thanks again Gemma x
  • Oh thats the one I've been looking at too. Gemma26nov, is there anyway you can share your discount code and where you bought them from?
  • Oh thats the one I've been looking at too. Gemma26nov, is there anyway you can share your discount code and where you bought them from?
  • i'm to looking at the BT 150, my fil is buying it for us. Where is the discount from?
  • Hi girls.....sorry for late reply ive been at work. i did post details on separate post but seems to have disappeared??!! i have ordered it from paperpunch, it is mainly a stationary store. got the discount code from hotukdeals, it is NewPPP. hope it works for you all!
  • Hi Gemma

    Sorry to bother you again but do you mean

    Just I couldnt find it on there, do you have the item number or if I have wrong web would you be able to send me the correct link?

  • Hi **Nic**

    sorry didnt think to post the product code!
    yes you have the correct site. the product code is BT61329
    Gemma x

  • Hiya

    I've tried that but no joy! They have obviously sold out! What a bargin tho! Gutting!

  • Pants!! we only ordered it last night! really sorry! have just tried to find it again but not managed.
    have just done a search for you.....not found it as good as what i posted but.... works out at ??59. amazon also have it for ??60. sorry again
    Gemma x
  • No worries Gemma, thanks tho, much appreciated.

    Everywhere else who are advertising it for ??58 / ??60 are adding delivery of ??5-??10.

    Amazon is ??60.50 including deliver so might just go for that! Have put a post for discount codes for amazon, not sure if anyone will have any but worth asking!

    Thanks for your help tho!

  • We got ours from ebuyer - cheapest including delivery we could find image
  • Hi i called paperpunch today and they are expecting stock to arrive on 21st sept. so hopefully you might be able to get it then!
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