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Pushchairs-(Bugaboo)help me

:\?:\?Please help me!!!!!!!!
Has anyone has got a Bugaboo (chameleon or Gecko) pushchair....i am due 2th June, i want to buy a pushchair but i can't make up my mind. I really like the Bugaboo one- but it is quite expensive- i am not sure whether it's worth it or not....also i heard that the silver cross(3D) and iCandy apple ones are good. I am quite a small girl - i don't want something too heavy either. Pleaseeeee i really need your opinions ladies... thank you!!

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  • As I have said MANY times before,(I am getting very boring!) I love my chameleon. It is pretty light (but a bit bulky when folded so check your car boot if this is an issue) and amazingly easy to push. The gecko doesn't have an adjustable handle so you will probably be ok but if any one tall needs to push the chameleon might be better (and the colours are funkier). Hope this helps
  • thank you very much...image
  • Hi, I the bought the icandy apple and it is great once you get the hang of putting it down, took me a few attempts but I love it.
  • hey girls
    today i am going to go and see pushchairs, hopefully it will helpimage)))))
    thanks again.
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