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When did you start buying?

I just wanted to hear what other people did. I am eleven weeks (well, this week) and I'm desperate to buy something. My husband has some sort of hissy fit everytime I mention it as I miscarried before and I think he thinks the shop assitant is going to put a spell on me if they know I'm not 12 weeks yet. Would love to hear when everyone else first bought something - anything!!! Thanks Claire x


  • I didn't really buy any clothes until after I knew what sex it was (20week scan). Prior to that I bought generic things like muslin squares & flannels, bibs, dummies etc & got some great swaddling blankets brand new off ebay but no actual clothes.

    On the day we found out we were having a boy my mum bought out the debenhams sale of blue clothes & was waiting on the doorstep when we got back from Kings image so we now only need to buy things like sleeper suits & baby grows. image

    I can understand your hubbies concern but you need to have fun with the pregnancy too. image
  • I didn't buy anything untill i had my scan at 21 weeks as i lost my last baby so i just wanted to make sure that everything was ok and hubby would of gone mad. Everyone is different do what you think is right and i'm suer you will be fine. With my daughter who is now 6 i found out that i was pregnant at nearly 5 months gone so brought everthing straight away, with this one found out at 5 weeks and waited. Enjoy your shopping spree when you do start :\) Hubby doesn't have to know about all the stuff lol mine didn't lol image
  • I bought things like wet wipes baby bath talc nappy sacks, nappies,cotton wool...etc before I was 20 weeks...just to start stocking up as you can never have enough of these things-
    I have almost everything I need from my daughter as I didnt know what I was having with her so I have all white newborn things and crib, cot, towels, etc and if this ones a girl im sorted!!
    I have bought a new pram as first one is too big not very practical when I will have a toddler with me this time round!- got it this week end that was the only big thing I needed to get..... I also got a new steam steriliser...and some bottles, planning on breast feeding but have them for stand by!!!
    Im about done now just a few odds and ends and Im 24 weeks, but if I didnt already have all the other things I would still need lots....its deffinatley cheaper second time round!!!
    good luck with your pregnancy- Shay
  • Hi Ladies, thanks. I just want to buy something, even if it's only a blanket. I have got my 12 week scan on the 23rd but because nothing has happened for ages, I'm now panicking I'm not even pregnant. It's mad how your mind plays tricks on you. I actually want to feel really ill again- just so it's confirmation! (weirdo)I'm assuming then Shay that you have decided to keep it a surprise - how exciting. Hope everything goes well for you all, Claire
  • Hi all, well I have two now and a third on the way, which we are thrilled about (took a long time coming) but about buying things, I waited until 2 period dates had passed (about 8 weeks), then I bought some cream booties, and toiletries, wipes etc, then at 12 weeks I started buying vests, sleepsuits etc (woolworths newborn sizes were great and good value too) by then I had chosen a buggy and at 16 weeks we had put our first payment down on the nursery plan at mothercare. That was perhaps the longest 16 weeks I had ever had, but no matter when you buy or what you buy it will all be exciting - and a little bit of secret shopping never hurt anyone!!!!! Come on isn't it a womans national past time!!!!!
  • Thanks, that is music to my ears. My mum said years ago apart from not having a new pram in the house you used to buy things as soon as you found out. I will be 11 weeks this week, so I think I can have a little spend......
  • I got my pram a couple of weeks ago & apart from playing with it for a day or two & having family over to ohh & aahh over it I packed it back up & am storing it under the bed. I don't put too much stock in old wives tales but also don't want to push my luck, so this was my compromise on the pram theory image
  • I think also, that if I was pregnant with my second, would it still be bad luck to have anything in the house? Because if I do have another, i won't be getting rid of anything, so is it any different - not sure. I've been given loads of lovely brand new stuff that my friend bought for her 4th but didn't use. Her husband just wanted it out the house as he didn't want to be 'got' again!! And thats all sleepsuits and vests. Beebee, what pram did you get. My sister had a toy silver cross one years ago that she has never played with, everytime I go to my mums I go in my sisters old room and give it a bounce - god it's so satisfying.
  • My sister offered to lend me one of my nieces dolls to put in the pram too but I thought that was going abit far for a 31y/o woman image I got the mamas & papas Ultima 6 in 1 & MPX Chassis in Vertical. Expensive but was the exact one I wanted & I figure if I have any more then I'll get a lot of use out of it and if i don't, well, I wanted it so thereimage
  • don't blame you. I am buying some second hand off of friends, but only the boring stuff. The exciting things like prams and cots I want new (God I am so superficial). Know what you mean about 31 and playing with dolls, but crikey, I have actually been tempted!!
  • I got some great things off of ebay like muslin squares, some bookends shaped like teddies & 2 lovely baby Gap swaddling clothes one with yellow & orange pinapples & one with green fishes (they sound bad but really are stunning). I love ebay & would def suggest having a look. I have just been looking for 2nd hand tens machines & the bump supports to wear under your clothes.

    My mum has found a spare baby car seat in the charity shop to keep in her car & also a couple of play mats with toy arches for a couple of quid as they are 30+ quid in the shops. I love a bargain but like you wanted a new pram & cot but love 2nd hand.

    So come on, fess up, have you bought anything yet & more importantly has hubby been told? image
  • I'm going tomorrow. I can't resist any longer. I don't know what I am going to get but I just want to buy something. I'm going to Kingston which is MK my sister works in the hairdressers there and it's her birthday tomorrow so I'm meeting her for lunch and then hitting mamas and papas and mothercare. There is also a M&S so who knows. My friend is selling a brand new m&p car seat that has never been used for ??45 so might have that. I really wanted a bugaboo,but worried they are maybe a bit naff now, love the m&p so I'll look and have a feel tomorrow. The husband will hve to be told has he is giving me the money. I am not playing the 'litle wife' but since giving up work I'm living on handouts from him. (not complaining, I have contributed enough!!!) I'll let you know what I give in to
  • That sounded awful, so apologies to all bugaboo owners.
  • hi, went yesterday. didn't go too mad. I bought a lovely white cotton blanket, two tiny white hats and two little white cardigans. what a bloody rip off though. One of the cardigans was ??18, the other ??10, and the size of them! I could of bought so much there was a lovely pram suit in M&P for ??26, which I was so tempted with but didn't, and wished I had as I have been thinking about it constantly - weirdo.
  • good for you claire, the pram suit will be there for next time & now at least you have things to play with. Have to admit the price of some thigns really put me off no matter how cute they are. I was lucky to catch most of the january sales & got a load of bargains. There has to be some more coming up soon so hold off on the bulk until then as you will end up saving a fortune.
  • Yes, I'm pleased I didn't give in although it was beautiful. I was having a good look at the prams but some of them are massive and I'd be worried about fitting anything else in the car!

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  • I started buying as soon as i found out at 16 weeks. . by 23 weeks i had bought everything! Im now 29 weeks pregnant and can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without having to worry about getting things to buy.
    (this is my first baby, so if i do have a second things will probably be different!)
  • i have just got my first thing today!!!!! moses basket sheets not very exciting but its a start want to buy more now but am just waiting for my boots mother and baby pack to come as it has loads of good offers in it!!!!
  • Hi Sophia, congratulations. Have you found out what your having? Some people get really touchy about that question so if your one of them - sorry - ignore me. I didn't want to know, but I still am in denial that I'm actually pregnant, and wonder if I find out it will make me feel any different - slightly jumping the gun alittle I haven't had my twelve week one yet. I liked to be organised, and now that i have made my first purchase I will be on a roll now. Have you got your pram and if so what did you get?
  • I am having a baby boy, im still in denial now at 29 weeks!! I bought my 3 wheeler pushchair from mothercare, its by urban detour and is model "pinnacle". The 12 week scan is the best, i loved it, it makes you r pregnancy seem real if you know what i mean . .
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