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Has anyone got an Oi Oi Changing bag? I really like the look of them but can't decide whether to go for the Hobo style or the Messenger style. Is the hobo big enough and do you think that it might be too feminine looking for my OH to use it too?

I would really appreciate your opinions, thanks.


  • Hi
    I've got the Hobo style in green with a bright pink lining and my OH carries it. Its plenty big enough, but no 2 due soon so not sure if will be then. Other mums ask you which make it is as it lokks really good!
  • Hi Mrs AJ

    I have a chocolate tweed hobo bag with hot pink lining and i love it. as i have 2 boys i wanted something just for me, and the pink lining sold it to me!

    my hubby will carry it, mostly because he has to if i've got my hands full already! he doesn't seem to mind what it looks like.

    i have 2 children, 2yrs and 5 weeks and can fit their things in quite well.

    my 2 yr old is still in nappies and i even still take a change of clothes for him when i go out, so with 2 lots of nappies, 2 lots of children's clothing changes and all the other stuff like wipes, nappy sacks etc you would imagine it to be packed but it's not overly full. i'm breasfeeding at the moment so don't have bottles and things to put in so that could make it a bit fuller but if you're only taking one baby's things with you then you'd still have plenty of room in my opinion.

    hope this helps

    kelly x
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for your responses. I have decided that I am going to go for the hobo style as I think it will be plenty big enough. OH has said as it will probably be me using it most of the time that I should get which ever one I like the best, so now I just have to decide which colour to get it in!!! I like them all, and I can't decide if I should just go for the colour I like best or get one that matches the pushchair in some way!!

    Where did you get yours from and how much did you pay for them if you don't mind me asking?
  • I bought the bugaboo change bag to match my pram but have just seen this one - its much nicer and I really want it!!


    Haven't taken the Bugaboo one out of the wrapper so am going to Ebay it and order the OI OI one.
  • Hi Lottie, how are you?

    I think we must have the same taste in things!!! That was the original Oi Oi one I saw which made me want one in the first place!!

    I have decided to go for the hobo style instead of the messenger as I saw one in John Lewis last week and I thought the hobo will be plenty big enough. I have found the range on this website, I think they are the UK suppliers..


    I also like the changing mats that they do and so might get one of them too as I think it will come in handy.

    What design do you think you are going to go for? I think the Charcoal dot will go well with the pushchair but I really like the green herringbone one too.

    I think I have taken more time to choose which changing bag to have than anything else I have bought for the baby!!!!
  • Hi again

    Mine is from Jo Jo Maman Bebe website and was ??55, they only do the one I got so probably not much use for you if you don''t want the chocolate hobo, I said in my other post it was chocolate tweed but i think it might actually be the herringbone one.


    I also have one of the changing mats, it has fold out pockets for wipes and a couple of nappies. I haven't used it yet but it is the bright floral bouquet one. I don't really like the pattern anymore and don't seem to need to use it now I've got it so in my opinion it was a bit of a waste of money as I don't think I will ever use it since I've got to 5 weeks with my lo and haven't so far. I got this from Jo Jo too..


    I went for one that matched my twin pushchair originally but then had to send the pushchair back as eldest lo was too big to fit in it, he's nearly 27 months and is 3ft tall!! So now I have a black pushchair and a brown bag, but I like the colour and the fabric anyway so I'm not too bothered. I had to take my youngest to the hospital last week for a blood test and one of the nurses was asking me loads of questions about my bag saying she loved it and was it just a normal bag or was it a nappy bag!!

    Hope this helps some more

    Kelly x

  • Hi Mrs AJ not bad thanks how have you been?, I like the charcoal dots with lime green - the hobo style is nice but I carry too much junk around with me to not have a million extra pockets so its definately the messenger for me - love the bottle warmers as well. All this retail therapy is a great time filler until our babies arrive and I like mooching around for accessories etc as I'm pretty sure we won't have time to afterwards!

    Thanks for the info on the changing mats Kelly - I did like them but you are right if you haven't used it by now you probably won't so will probably not get one of those.
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