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babba organic cotton baby t-shirts

Throughout the last six months myself and a few other dedicated individuals have been working hard to develop the greatest baby t-shirts in the history of the world (ever). After months of ceaseless study, design, printing and general hard work we are pleased to announce that they have arrived!

Allow me to introduce you to BABBA.

BABBA tees are made from 100% organic cotton, without any scratchy labels, by people who love making t-shirts! It is a scientific fact that t-shirts made with love lift you up and make you feel HAPPY! (Mass-produced t-shirts drag you down, make you feel dull and boring). At BABBA we believe that happy t-shirts make happy babies which is why all of our designs have something fun and inspiring to say. We also know that being friendly to the planet is easy- we only use 100% recycled material for our packaging and print all our tees at home in the UK.

So! Come visit us at and tell us what you think.

Many thanks.
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