I need help with my hair!

Iv had naturally blonde hair all my life but over the past 5 or 6 years its bin gettin darker so iv dyed it blonde untill 2 weeks ago when i decided to go the same colour as my 22month old a golden auburn chocolate brown. Which actually turned out a grey/green and bits of copper. I have fair skin and blue eyes and i dont on whether to go back blonde or get a new hairdresser and stay brunette? Also its just shoulder length with a side fringe and a heart-long shaped face i want a whole new look any suggestions?


  • sorry cant really help you much at the moment as im in the same sort os situation myself.

    I was a bottle blonde for 5 years, then back to my natural colour for the last 4 (I loved being blonde, i look sickly pale with brown hair)
    Recently i had 'stripes' - highlights, put into it and that was ok for the last 9 months or so, but now i want something different.
    I have a long ish face, a bit more rounded now ive put weight on, and i have almost waist length brown hair.....
    I dont know wether to get it cut off again, or keep the length (whih both me and hubby like, but Ollie takes great delight in pulling) and what to do colourwise... i was thinking streaks of that blacky purple colour, but i'm not sure it would look good......

    Gah!!!! :lol:

    if i can find any sites where i upload a pic of myself and can see diff styles i'll let you know.


    (just a thought - do you maybe want to upload a pic onto here and i/others could suggest what we think would suit... I'd do the same as well if you wanted..?)
  • A picture is a good idea, can't really see from the small pic.
    How much of a change are you looking for, would you do a Posh and chop it all off?
  • Lol yes sometimes i feel like having it all choped of cut i dont no if im as brave as her! Plus i think i wood get cold! What colour do u guys think is a good 1 for mummys
    To have? X x
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