what to look for in a travel cot?

With Xmas coming and everyone wanting to see our new baby, we expect to do a fair bit of travelling. LO is 16 weeks old now. What should we be looking for in a travel cot?
We used to think our car boot has plenty of space, but what with pram, clothes and nappies, how do we fit in a travel cot as well?!


  • Dont you often wonder how such a tiny person needs soo much stuff?

    I got a graco travel cot with my 1st. I think it cost around ??50 a couple of years ago. Its just a basic travel cot with the basinett in it for young babies (up to around 4 months) & there is a changing table on top. We used it alot in the 1st few months with her when she was sleeping in our room as she seemed to love sleeping in it & the changer on top was really handy too. It says it does as a playpen when they are bigger but we never used it as that as she hated being 'closed in'

    I know alot of them come with music or lights & toy bars but these can be very expensive depending how often you plan to use them. I personally wouldnt spend too much on one again though we did get good use out of it. I think I could do without the changer on top as its as handy to lay them on the floor but if your baby was under 4 months I would recommend the basinett.

    Good luck, I know how daunting it can be trying to pick the right one without blowing the budget competely

    Hilary x
  • Hiya is your lo to big for a moses basket? i know they dont fold up etc but that would be your best solution, i got a travel cot, a GRACO one and when i put my lo in when on holiday he thought it was ace and wanted to play and every night was the same!

    what about that pop up ones they look quite good and there not too expensive!

    I can see you lo sleeping witth you most of the time lol - but good luck any way xxx
  • mine has been a godsend, i didnt think we would use it much but we have done. ive just got the basic graco one too. i ones with lights and vibrations are nice but dont think its used enough really to spend that much.
    they do a graco one that quite small which seemed like a good idea when i was buying it but glad i didnt get it now as LO at 15 months wouldnt fit in it x

    my LO sleeps in it fine (sometimes better then his cot) but he has been in it from very young for odd nights but my friend used hers as a playpen a couple of times now her LO just thinks its play time so i wouldnt use it as both x

  • Hi

    I have the M&P classic travel cot and we still use it for my 27 month old at MIL's house, plenty of room still and he's a very tall boy, 3ft!!


    If space is an issue how about this cot from Jo Jo Maman Bebe, I'm looking into this for my youngest who's 5 weeks at the mo, it will be really useful when we go on holiday next summer, we will be going somewhere within the UK so will need it to fit in car along with all other stuff 2 children need, seems ideal, although will only last up to 18 months it says so maybe not as long as other travel cots.


    Hope this helps

    Kelly x
  • hi
    thanks for all your advice. I've decided to go for Graco Baby Einstein travel cot. It looks sturdy, will double up as playpen and I like the mix of bright colours. The travel bubble suggested by Kelly looks really good but I have a hunch that it won't survive my lo's active kicking!

    Gran has offered to buy it as lo's xmas present. We are just so grateful for his doting grandparents.
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