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anyone got britax vigour 3?

hi does anyone have 1? opinions please still to see and have a shot of one. i have woods out the back of my house so would like an all terrain style one, but also one that faces me. we would have a jane but it only face away when it's a pushchair and i know the matrix can face you but my last little one was quite long!
rambling now any thoughts re britax much appreciated..


  • Hiya,

    I have the britax vigour 3 and really like it. My LO loves it and always looks very comfy in it (sleeps most of the time). It is really easy to steer due to the 3 wheels. However, I don't take it in the woods and on bumpy tracks too often and when I have it is still quite bumpy for my little girl. Obviously I don't know how it compares to other pushchairs on bumpy tracks.

    Sorry, haven't been much help have i?? I do love it though, xx
  • thanks for reply... i finally got a shot of one and love it image really easy to move feels v. light and that was with my v. tall 3 yr old in it! the carrycot is tiny tho. so we won't be getting that which is a shame nut considering how long my daughter was in her mamas and papas carrycot, 3 months doesn't make sense to spend ??100 on it for such a short time.
    sooo excited can't wait to buy it now
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