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Travel system dilemma


  • Hi,
    I need advice on which travel system to buy and would appreciate comments from owners.
    I am choosing between the silver cross 3d and the graco quattro tour deluxe.
    I like the look of both but am worried about the small basket on the silver cross plus a salesman at mothercare says the car seat is fiddly to put in and out of teh car due to the position of the seat belt hook.
    Whereas I hear the graco is bulky and heavy but I like the big basket and base for car seat.
    Does anyone have any preferences to one handle bar or two?
    My friend says go for two for extra shopping bag carrying but graco has big basket.
    Is steering harder with one or two?
    Can you still use a buggy board with one handle?
    This is my first child but I'm trying to cover all possibilities to get value for money.
    I am basically very confused.
  • I have the Silver Cross 3d pram and I think it is great. The basket is quite small tho I don't tend to use it a lot anyway as with two handles I just put bags on it. I am not sure about steering though but they say its harder on a two handle one as you can't really steer it with one hand.

    The car seat is quite awkward but to be honest a couple of days into it and it will be so easy. I have it 8 months and find it no problem now.

    Sorry can't help with the buggy board.

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