Bebe-confort Loola Up 2008

I had Jan???? pushchairs with him and loved them, apart from right at the beginning I had a 'proper pram' type system, but I sold that when he was a yr old as it was so bulky in our small house!! I've just sold on both Jan???? pushchairs as well as much though I loved them I would need to purchase the matrix for the new baby and I just don't have the space for another piece of equipment round the house :cry:! Anyway I was researching the Loola pushchair and seeing what everyone has to say about it, as it was a compact fold and could be rear/forward facing so seemed to tick the right boxes for me, but it did have a number of negative points that ppl pointed out so I was unsure of whether to go ahead and buy it or not, inaccessible basket, can't push it with one hand (especially seeing I have a toddler), doesn't lie completely flat for a newborn and too wide. But as I was looking I found out that they've a 2nd generation model out in Jan 08 (just in time!) that has a lower basket you can access, an all in one handle that can be pushed with one hand, completely lie flat seat making it suitable from newborn (instead of the moulded seat unit) and reversable seat covers for winter and summer - one side is 'breathable' material! It is also not as wide as the old one, and I think slightly lighter. You can pre order them now for delivery 2008, just thought I'd let you know incase you were considering buying the loola for your newborn, as this new model 'Loola Up' seems to have addressed all the problems and what was putting me off buying the current model! I've looked a couple of places and found it for ??214. :\)

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  • where can you pre order it from Dawn?
  • I've pre-ordered mine from the Glasgow Pram Centre, if you register they allow you to pay it up in installments, so I'm doing that. I hope they do get them in for January though cos my baby is due then!!!
  • I have recently bought the bebe confort loola, im 38 weeks pregnant and have a 3 year old son. Ive only recently been taking him out on the reins and 1 day i had to go for a long walk so i thought id try out the loola, he loved how he was facing me but its really heavy to lift up curbs and the front wheels are clumsy and kept getting hooked in the shop doorways. i was also thinking of getting a buggypod for my toddler for when the baby arrives...only to read online that its not compitable image im gutted. So now im looking for a buggy board instead but im not sure if id be able to have the buggy rear facing and have a buggyboard on
  • everything you state about problems with the 2007 mdel is correct, plus the tyres wear down real quick. Only been using mine for 3 months nd it honestly looks like the tyres have been round the world, twice!

    it really was the worse buy we made for our daughter, have hit so many peoples ankles while out shopping!

    hope '08 model i better:x
  • I received my new '08 Loola-Up pushchair yesterday, baby hasn't arrived and I haven't tried my 2 yr old in it or anything, the chasis is quite stiff and I can't actually put it up myself because I have spd so can't lift my foot high enough, but I reckon it's cos it's new. The basket is above the crossbar so looks easy enough to acess, though it's not very big. The tyres do look like they would wear out, I'm not sure can you get replacements for them, they're plastic tyres, I've always had rubber tyres on my pushchairs before now, but we'll see how it goes, I don't walk outside an awful lot so it'll probably suit my needs fine. The frame is quite wide, but no wider than my quinny zapp frame, so I'll just have to watch where I go.

    On the whole it's a beautiful looking pushchair, it comes with a reversable cover which is easy to switch round and seems nicely padded for a newborn. It lies completely flat as well. It folds quite compactly, i have it folded in the corner of the living room, and apart from the zapp it's the smallest folding pushchair I've had which is what I was looking for. I thought it was a bit heavy to carry, but dh says it's not so must be my massive belly that's making it hard for me to carry (currently 39 wks pg!). Will update whenever I've used it out properly, can't wait to have my baby to put in it!
  • hi,
    just wondering how you're getting on with your pushchair? my sister-in-law has now offered to get us this pram, as she doesn't like the cheapy one we have! how small dies it fold? we have a renault twingo... do you think it would fit in the boot? and what are the wheels like, as i do quite a lot of walking!
    hope all's well with you + baby,
  • Well I've used the Loola-Up a good few times now and I'm loving it!! It's so easy to push and to manovure while we're out and about. I don't have the car seat or carrycot, I've been using it with a footmuff lying flat with my newborn and she is very comfortable in it. I've had positive comments on it too, looks lovely.

    I still find it a bit heavy to lift in and out of the car boot, but most pushchairs are heavy anyway. I have been able to put it up no problems since giving birth, before when I was pregnant I couldn't with spd.

    I like the way it has one handle bar, makes it easy to push. The tyres are plastic, but give a smooth ride, they probably would wear with a lot of usage, but I don't use my pram daily. I've also used it on a chipped track and it was as smooth a ride as my all terrain, maybe as it has a good suspension on it. On the whole I'm very happy with my choice, but if you are considering it I'd say to go and see it in Mothercare etc so you can see how heavy it is.

    I can fit a weeks shopping in the boot along with the Loola up in it.
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