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Good Luck Bluebird!!

Hi Barbara,

Just wanted to wish you luck for this weekend, for moving tomorrow and for a weekend of possible baby-making, Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed - Love Claire xxxx


  • Hi Claire. Just left you a long post and then lost it!!!!!! Grrrrrr. Well what i said was, many thanks for your lovely post, that was really nice of you. Move went well and we are settling nicely. Sadly, the broadband still isnt up and running at home so had to wait to sneak on here at work (was off last week) to play catch up!!!!! Love the new house, just need a new baby to go with it!!!!! lol. Sadly no ov for me again this month, must go back to the docs and maybe get tested again. AF seems to be alright and i think i am heading for that now as my tummy is giving me the "few days before" warning!!!!!! Still, loads more practice next month which is always nice image How are you doing now? Is it this week that you are having your scan? Good luck if it is, please do keep in touch. Hope you are feeling better too. Thanks again and hope to speak with you soon. Love Barbara xxxx
  • Hi Barbara, glad it all went well, I was thinking of you. I'm feeling fine, well apart from the sore norks, feeling sick and constipation, but hey, I'm not complaining I know I am really lucky. I've got my scan on Friday - but I'm worried that it's all been a big mistake and I'm not really pregnant at all. Lovely to hear from you and fingers crossed for next month. xxxxxx
  • Hi Claire, thanks for that. Oh dear! you are going through the wars!!!!! Still, it will all be worth it i am sure. Cant believe claire 01 is going through it all again. I reckon if you put all my ov sticks and yours and her preg tests together, we could build a second lego land!!!!! lol. Think i am going to head back to the docs, she may want to test me again as i am def getting on a bit!!!! Might go and get some reflexology done as well and i am led to believe that they can kick start ovulation again so anything is worth a try image Wishing you the very best of luck for friday, please do let me know how it goes. I am in London all day but will hopefully check in later and see how you got on. xxxx
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