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hi need help or advice

hi my name is emma, i have just found out im pregnant, nd my current bf dont believe its his but im 100% per cent its his, as i havent been with no one except him.
so i was wonderin if i can get any dna testing when the baby is born and how soon i can do it, where i go to have it done also how much it gonna cost me?

can anyone give me advice?


  • I don't know for sure having not had this prob myself but I think once babe is born the swabs on BF and Baby can be done straight away. I think costs vary depending on how you do it (internet tests are cheaper but I've heard ladies say they are unreliable so basically not worth doing). If you are no longer with bf (and if he was querying me I wouldn't be) then benefits agency may pay for tests to prove paternity so they can make him pay out of his wages.
    Most blokes don't understand that you date a pregnancy from the 1st day of your last period so think they can't be the dad if preg is weeks more than they think it should be and midwives are used to explaining this.
    Tell him to grow up and accept he is going to be a dad - you need support not stress...
  • I agree with Camlo and I'd make him pay when your lo arrives. In essence, he has to prove he's NOT the dad to get away with not paying maintenance. Obviously if you're thinking about putting him down as the father on the birth cert, you would need to arrange for the dna test as soon as poss as you only have 6 weeks to register their birth. Good luck - hope he grows up for your sake!xx
  • but how can i do the test if he refuses to do one?
    Its puttin me down knowin that my child, when it arrives will just have mother. wb xx
  • I'm not sure he can refuse if you want him to pay maintainance- he has to prove he isn't.
    Ask him why he would refuse if he is so sure of the result? Say you'll pay if he isn't and he can pay if he is!!!
    Don't worry about being a single parent- of course it's not perfect but 1 good Mum is better than 2 crap parents.
  • Well he just keep sayin its not his nd dnt want nothing to do with the baby. also not paying no mainainance towards it as he dont want nothing to do with it

    but im 100% its his as i havent slept with noone else.

  • I'd say tough sh*t - shouldn't have unprotected sex if you don't want babies. Tell him you'll go to court if necessary and they can order a test to prove he's the dad as you don't want your little one not to have it's dad's name on the birth certificate. What do his friends/ family say- most Mums would tell their son's to grow up and take responsibility. Would make him look stupid too if you take it all the way before he accepts fact.
  • Yes, Emmalou is right - he will be forced to pay for lo unless he proves he is not the father.

    I know it's not ideal hon, but it really is not the end of the world to be a loving single mum as opposed to one with a dad who doesn't care.

    He may change his mind in time, but if not you'll have enough love for your lo. (I was a single mum for 11 years)xx
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