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just an update

well..i told my mom, she took it better then i thought but it still wasnt that great of a reaction..but she told my grandmom n she came over my house screamin in my face saying i was digusting for having a "nigger" baby and letting "niggers" touch me..she also said i was a disgrace to the family n said i think nothing of myself for bein with a "nigger" it took all the strength i have in me not to knock her old ass out..anyway i decided to get an abortion, its for the best. i cant guarentee i can provide the best life for my kid right now n i cant be positive that the father is really gonna want this kid after hes born..if only i had enough money to do it all on my own, i deffenitaly would. i kno wut its like to have a single parent n one of them not always around and it sucks personaly it was hell and i dont want that life for my baby. but thx for all the support everyone!


  • Thanks for letting us know, I have been wondering how you were getting on. You must have a whole lot more self control than me, if my gran spoke to me like that then I would thump her, old or not! If you don't think that you can provide a good life for a child then you are making the right descision, hard though it must be.
    All the best
    Kerry xx
  • Glad you came back to let us know we were thinking of you. All the best to you xx
  • oh brit, i cant believe ur gran treated u like that. i assume ur family are pleased with ur decision... it sounds like u have thought about it long and hard and hve come to the best decision.. i cant believe people can still be so racist in this day and age u cud be yellow with green spots 4 all i care!!! xx
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