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Friends following in my footsteps! Noooo!

Okay, im totally lost with this one. Im only 14 and preganant, Like thats not bad enough. But Friends have seen my little bump and Said they wish they were having a baby. Next time i catch up with them, 3 of them are pregnant! To make it worse the fathers are not their partners. they are basicly sperm donors. I feel like its all my fault. They seriously dont know what they are getting themselves into! What o i do!?


  • Nothing you can do I am afraid chick! Young or not you are all old enough to know right from wrong and therefore they are responsible for their own decisions.
    From the sounds of it they would of ended up pregnant were if for you or not, I honestly don't think your pregnany would be reason for them to get pregnant!

    Amazing how many of you have concieved so close together, look at it this way at least you will have friends to enjoy the experience with.

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