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work rights? can anyone help?

basically for the last 3-4 weeks i have been signed off work well yesterday i went in to drop my doc notes of n they gave me a letter for a disciplinary for not givin refs i gave 4-6 but after not workin for 2 yrs some of my employers said they wouldnt be happy as it was a while a go i worked for them fair enough. Another thing was punctuality n reliabilty i have never been late as dp gave me a lift every day to get me there for 720 i start at 730 reliabilty i have been signed off. There were a few other things that they have put that have upset me as i feel they are complete lies, also can they call me in when im signed off sick? sorry for the long post but if ur stil here thanks for readin



  • i cant really help with the law side of it but reading your post id say they were trying there luck. just watch that they arent trying to find a away to pay you off coz you have been off. when my oh was having employer trouble we contacted acas. hope this can be of some help. they were very helpful with us.xx
  • You don't say how long you have worked for the company - If they are still seeking references it sounds like you haven't been there long and you may be on a probationary period? It should all have been detailed in your letter of offer/employment contract. They can call you in when you are signed off and if you don't go, you would need to prove that you were not fit to attend interview. Are you a member of a union? If so you should contact your representative for advice, if not then there are several websites that will give you advice if you google 'employment advice uk'. Here in NI I would have referred you to the Labour Relations Agency - but I'm not sure what the equivalent is in England. Perhaps if you contact your local citizens advice bureau - they will be able to point you in the right direction.

    Hope some of that is of help.

    Gill x
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