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Feeling Really Down ='(

Ok.. im not going to ramble on but im havin a really down day =(
i fell pregnant on the pill so never realised till i was 9 weeks gone,,and it was a huge shock. my boyfriend was really happy and straight away said that we should keep it. As im only 18 and still at college i was in two minds on what to do. plus my parents also live 300 miles away.. i dont think he ment to by purpose but my boyfriend put alot of pressure on me to keep the baby so thats what im doing. Things have been up and down for us ever since.. we will have a great week then there will be somin lil that starts an argument.. and its always him that starts it. We currently live with his nan and are looking at movin out in feb.. privately rentin our own place..
the main thing he argues about is me getting a job. i go to college 4 days a week and do work ex 1 day of the week. he says i sholud get a job for the weekends so we have more money but with all the assignments i get from college, i jus dont have the time and my education is really important to me.
he works for the royal bank of scotland and says we wont be able to move out and survive usnless i get a job..
i just dont know what to do anymore =( am i being pathetic in saying to him i just cant cope if i get a job too..??
Sorry i really didnt want to ramble on, jus wanted to talk to someone about it.


  • your only 18, go to work/college 5 days a wk, and are now pregnant and he wants you to get a job on top of all that?? im shocked your managing to do all that while pregnant anyway!!! your not being out of order at all in fact it would be dangerous for you and your baby if you did anymore. you need to make sure you are getting anough rest.

    sit him down and tell him that being pregnant is a big deal and flippin hard work so if you cant survive on his wages then maybe he should change jobs. my husband has had to get a new job as we couldnt survive with a baby and me not working. remember once the baby is here too you will get child benefits and tax credits so they will help too. i know its scary, my baby was a little surprise and its hard to know what you want with all the hormones but dont worry. things will work out in the end hun xx :\)

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