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In shock

I am in complete shock. I've just found out that a lady I met at an OCD support group I used to go to was killed in a car crash last week.

I didn't know her really, really well but it's still a shock. A few of us from the group (her included) were going to start getting together from April. And now we'll never see her again.

She was a very kind lady - always asking how everyone was and really listening to your answers. We shared similar issues with OCD and helped eachother out a lot in the group.

It makes you realise how precious and fragile life is and how short it is.

In memory of S.

~ NN


  • so sorry. You really are having a crappy time of it at the moment. hugs xx
  • Oh goodness, Thinking of you xx
  • Oh hunni i'm sorry to hear that kinda know how you feel i've lost a couple of ppl i was friends with on the internet and one of those was killed in acar crash and she was only 14 at the time too image huge hugs

  • Thank you all ladies.

    Taz - I am so sorry to hear about your friend - that is so young.

    ~ NN x
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