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I feel funny putting this in this section considering what some of you are going through. well my feelings are all over the place at the moment. Mr C and i have been ttc for 9 months now to no avail (we are both almost 35). i have always had period problems and had 3 laparoscopy's to find out the different problems. anyway in 2005 i got really sick and ended up in hospital a few times, had serious infection in my womb which took over a year to get under control, then abnormal smear and still suffering badly with pain and cysts. anyway, Mr C has submitted a 'sample' to the hospital and we are waiting the test results, but last night he got quite upset worried he may be letting me down if he is infertile (we dont know the results yet). i have tried to reassure him we will get through whatever happens together and he seemed better this morning, but now i am thinking if his results come back fine then it must be me. not of course that i want him to have anyhting wrong, but head is now so messed up, cant stop thiniking about it. i feel awful for thinking this way. I am having tests week after next when i see my consultant, so got to wait even longer for results, and to top it off i have to have my 6monthly smear to make sure no more cancerous cells have come back. sorry to go on, i know some of you are going through so much and this seems so small in comparision. :cry:


  • Don't apologise! It sounds like you've had a really long winded rough ride of things.

    I do sympathise that a week of waiting - even a day of waiting for results - can seem like forever when you're anxious about things.

    I also understand your fear if your hubby's results are fine. Don't feel guilty. That sounds quite normal to me. I think I'd feel the same.

    Good luck, J x
  • You have nothin to be sorry for, and noone problems are any worse or better than others the same situation can hurt different people in different ways. I have PCOS and i know exactly wat your feeling bout your hubbys results cuz i thought the same bout mine. He had his tests done and he came back fine and so it makes me feel that the 2 yrs of trying, fertility drugs and 2 m/c's are all my fault, and they may be, but i didn ask for it to happen so i try not to think of that too much. I do understand tho as i felt if he had a problem it would take some of the heat off me, but we re overcoming it now i think. Tae care, Gems x
  • well 2 weeks on and we are still waiting for the test results, i think the doctors cant wait for us to have them so we wont be on the phone all the time! i am seeing my consultant tomorrow so hopefully should begin my tests. getting really worried and already been in tears, im so frustrated waiting all the time! :roll: :\(
  • Mr C got his results and i am still being tested but we have been told that at the moment our chances of conceiving are very slim. AF turned up today so yet another kick in the teeth. lets hope we can both start our treatment soon which hopefully should imrpive our chances, but we know it will take at least a few months to start working. we both feel crap today, but at least we are able to talk about it and both agreed noone is to blame and what ever happens we still have each other. still deosnt make us feel any better though. :cry:
  • i'm so sorry your news isn't more hopeful. it must be heartbreaking for you.

    While I know you wont want to cling to false hope, slim is slim - it's not impossible.

    I'm glad you and your OH are supporting each other,

    best of luck

  • Oh I'm really, really sorry too. I don't know what to say except that I hope you find some comfort in chatting on here. I hope your hubby is ok. I read a lot of books which I found helped as you're at least empowering yourself with knowledge.

    A friend is going through IVF (2nd time) at the moment and it has made their relationship a lot stronger. They don't ever take each other or anything else for granted.

    And like Gr says - the chances are slim but not impossible.

    Really hoping your test results come back with some happier news.

    Lots of love,

    Jo x
  • Hi there Ca. Just wondered how you were doing? J x

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  • Ni there,
    we are ok, thanks for asking. just waiting now. the worst thing was i had to make a decision when i saw my consultant, either he does tons more tests and opens me up to sort out my problems, or we start to really investigate and hopefully treat the fertility issues. of course i immediately said the fertility please, but Mr C is worried as i am in so much pain alot of the time and is worried im putting my problems on the back burner, but then on the other hand he feels guilty that he is pleased i immediately said fertility! we women cant win!! Ive had some blood tests and due more in a week then got a scan early July and a meeting with my consultant to see where we go next. by then we should have all the results in and know exactly what we are dealing with (we hope). Its just so frustrating having to wait all the time, but we are trying to be hopefull. Mr C keeps having dreams that we will have a little girl, so maybe thats a good omen (i hope so!). We are trying to distract ourselves with other things at the moment, like doing up our new house, and i have 2 weeks left till i finish my degree, so hopefully time will pass until we meet my consultant again. maybe it will be good news... i have everything crossed
  • The waiting must be the hardest thing. At least you've got two options. That must be a tough call of which to go for first.

    Good luck with the rest of your degree and the house. We're selling our place and buying a new home so it'll be good to have that distraction too. Keeping everything crossed for you, Jo x
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