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help me please i really need it

hi everyone, i had a home tutor threw my pregnancy but after the 6 week holidays i want to go back to mainstream education but i dont want to go back to my school as i dont get on with the poeple there since i got pregnant as they have done nothing but make it harder for me they caused alot of trouble i know i shouldnt let them win by not going back but i no if i do go bak they will make it as hard as they possibly can for me so i no i wont be able to do the best i can, but i really want to give my baby the best i can give her by doing well and getting a good job and giving her everything i didnt have but the only way i will be able to do this is by getting my education else where there are no other schools close to my house but i heard if ur school gives u pemision u can do ur education at collage does anyone no about this or have any other suggestions? I would really be happy with any help or advice i really need it sorry for the big rant please help. Much luv laura xx


  • hi hunny ,well i firstly want to say u sound like u have a very grown up head on them young shoulders and what a fab attitude for u to have about wanting a good future for your lo old is she?? i think if u contact your school and ask permission they should allow u to go to your local college to sit your gcse year ...maybe visit your local college ask for advice??? i dont know much but i also want to further my education now that ive had my children so i can provide for them and its taken till im 26 for me to realise what i want so huge massive well done to u for realising this at a young age ....good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you image, keira lee is 9 weeks now i love her so much. Ye i think i might go down to the collage, maybe they can help. Thank u so much, Much love Laura xx
  • hi

    i think that sounds like a good idea, at college everyone is much more grown up so you wont have to deal with the childlike behaviour of the people at your old school.

    are you about to start your final year of GCSEs? it might also be worth speaking to your hv or childrens center as they do courses for parents to get the qualifications.

    good luck to you, you can achieve anything you want to.

    congrats on your baby girl

  • yer its my final year at collage, i no i would do alot better if i wasnt around them. Thank u for the advise luv laura xx
  • your welcome ,i know its tough having a new baby and the fact that u are considering continuing with education is fantastic ,most "young" mums (i use the word young loosly as i consider myself a young mum image ) would use the fact they have a baby as an excuse not to .....keira lee is a beautiful name ,my neice was called kiera leigh but she was born still in 2006 :cry: ..anyway sorry to bring that up but the name reminded me ...good luck again with everything xxxx
  • i would never do that i think the fact i had a baby pushes me to do better image im very sorry to hear that :'( that must have bein very hard for all your family. Thank u for all ur help image much love laura xx
  • hi hun, i just wanted to say good luck with speaking to the college and i hope you get to continue your gcse there in peace. xxx
  • thank you so much image xx
  • Don't know where you live but in my town we have a large young mums unit where mums can study for the exams while pregnant and even continue studying after the baby. The unit is a great network for girls to join together to study and support each other while having good quality childcare. If your area does not have this facility then a college might be the answer as they have childcare on site too and you will probably find people who are in your situation who you can relate to. Get in touch with your LEA and ask what facilities are available. What every happens just believe you are doing the right thing. Nobody can take your education away from you and even though it may be hard for you to study and look after your LO in the end it will give you lots more choices in life and bring more opportunities. Good Luck
  • we did have a unit like that but it got closed down but im defo guna find out about collage. We have an agency called connexions maybe they could help. Xx
  • Hi there

    I would say to definitely suss out your local college - I used to work for Connexions and they will be able to help you too. Being at college is alot less rigid than school - you can come and go when you need to, rather than being tied to a 9am-3pm timetable every day. Plus it would put you in a great position to continue your education after your GCSE's. And you'd make friends - never a bad thing!

    I was bullied at school and it made me really miserable so I can totally empathise with you. The important thing is that you are happy - happy mum equals happy baby!

    Good luck with it.
  • ive made appointment with a connexions worker for friday thanks to everyones help so i should haue it sorted out soon. image thank u everyone xx
  • Well done you!! and Congratulations on the birth of your lovely daughter.
  • Local college is the best option. I am a teacher and we often have pupils who can't get on in school for whatever reason and lets face it school is not always the best place for a lot of people, go to college and thrive because the environment is more grown up and mature. Being a new mum you need all the support you can get and lots of colleges have facilities to support young parents including creche etc. Contact your school first, maybe your Head of Year first or the Education Welfare Officer and get them to assist you from that side and contact your local colleges next to liase from that side.
    Best of luck, i admire your detemination to stay in education
    Take care

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