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Freaking out!!

Has anyone else had trouble stopping smoking and/or drinking during their pregnancy??

I have cut down my smoking to around 2 or so every day, and can go for a few days wthout one.. Then i freak out and go buy myself a packet (which i hide from my boyfriend) and slowely but surely finish the pack!

My drinking is an occasional glass of wine or a beer every other week, but sometimes i can have more than one glass in a night... Sometimes two or three..

Im worried about the effects this is having on my baby. I suffer from depression and am having a really hard time coping with all the changes etc that are happening in my life as well as the damage i am causing through my stress and bad habits.



  • personally no - I dont smoke though so no adviced with that but I know some people find it hard to give it up. At least you have managed to cut down. How pg are you and was it planned? Have you tried no buying any alcohol? maybe your boyfriend could give up to, to support you. Have you tried talking to a doctor about depression. Also maybe you could take some herbal remedy for depression. If you feel things getting on top of you. I'm a real stresshead and have suffered with anxiety attacks in past. I have tried really hard to stay calm but if I'm having a bad day. I have some rescue remedy and make some 'me' time I really find that helps. Hope you get through it ok xxx
  • Thanks for the reply image

    Umm i am 6 months pg next week and it was not a planned pregnancy.

    I dont buy any alcohol and i dont drink at all when im at home, or if i go out with my partner to the pub for dinner and the rugby... I only seem to have one when im at a get together of some sort. I dont go out often, but i am young and want to see my friends....

    We chose not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until after my morphology scan at 19 weeks and i used to be a big drinker so i would have the occasional one to keep suspicions down... Now its out in the open, yet i still cant stop myself from even having even one! I feel weak image

    I have suffered from depression for 6 years and was on a medium dosage of medication. I cut down and then stopped when i found out i was pregnant and i think all of these changes in my life are too much for me and i lose any control or will power to make the right decisions. I am really scared of hurting my baby and that worry makes me feel like a ciggy or a drink to calm my nerves even though i know its wrong... Its a vicious cycle!

    Am i nuts?!?

  • hi virgomama
    i too have really struggled to stop smoking throughout this pregnancy and i hate myself for it but i feel like i can't do it. i talked to my midwife about it and i went for 7 weeks to one of those support groups and it did really help for a while - i quit for about 6 weeks. but then i went through a stressful patch with my daughter and hubby and started smoking again and still am. i use patches and every day i promise myself that i won't smoke, but then i buy a pack in a weak moment and then smoke them all (10 cigs) so that they are gone by the following day and i can make a fresh start...and so it goes on. i am now 36 weeks and desparate to do the right thing for the lo in this last month and after he is born...i will keep using nicotine patches and trying and i will do it!!!! as for alcohol, i don't drink much anyway but i have had the odd one or two...
    I wish you luck with breaking those habits...i would chat to your mw as she will know how you can get help. i found that the support group thing really worked for me, i just wish i had kept going...
    Good luck
  • hi hun,
    i cant really give much advice but i smoked about the same amount as u when i was pg. i also drank the odd glass of wine or beer every few days as i was told that it was fine to drink that much.
    anyway when my baby was born he was very healthy, he scored 9 in his apgar test and has not had a single problem since (touch wood!) i think the odd drink is fine. obviously the smokings not as good but i did it every now and then and my baby is fine. xx
  • Hi,
    You are not nuts at all! There are alot of us out there who are really suffering as everything in our lives is changing, and some of it you haven't planned for.
    I am having the same problem too. I feel like a total b*tch smoking and everytime I have one I feel so guilty. I used to be on 30 a day and have managed to get it down to 5 but even that isn't good enough, I know. Like you, I used to socialise alot and my husband and I would be out almost every night. I'll still have the odd glass of wine but really don't drink that much.
    I feel like I can't talk to anyone about it as they are all "anti-smoking" which is fine, but doesn't help when you need help.
    I have very little advice (as I am in the same boat) but wanted to let you know that you aren't the only one.
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