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White feathers

This is not really baby related but my father died in october and recently been cryin a lot and iv dreamt about him everynight now i found about five little white feathers at different times does anyone no if this means anything iv kept them all in a draw and ther still ther but the first thing i thought was that its my dad?


  • Hiya sorry about you loss, some people do believe that white feathers appear when a spirit or prescence is around, im someone who believes this x
  • White feathers are an indication that an Angel or loved one is near & want you to know they are with you. Talk to him, he's letting you know he is ok.

  • Hello,
    This is really odd that I have found this thread. I too have heard that is an indication of a loved one nexr/guardian angel. I heard this shortly before my baby girl was born.

    All my babies have had what I believe to be a link to my grandfather. My DD1 was born on his b'day DS was born on his wedding anniversary and the first day of my pregnancy (lmp) with my DD2 after 2 and a half years trying was the anniversary of his death.

    Any way after a day in the hospital being induced-in a 4 bed room ensuite on my own I went to the bathroom and found a white feather on the floor... I was amazed.
  • Hello, they are angel kisses, it's been on GMTV or This Morning, I lost my 1st pregnancy and when I got pregnant a 2nd time I am not kidding I saw so many white feathers, in places you wouldn't expect and every time I was particularly anxious about my pregnancy I would see a white feather, one time I'd gone to my back door to get some fresh air before going for my scan (the last scan I had been to was when I discovered i'd lost my baby) and a white feather just floated down right in front of me. Everything was fine by the way!

    Also my Grandma died 2 years ago and my aunty had come to my house and was very distressed and crying about my Grandma, she turned around and I saw a white feather stuck in her jumper, I pulled it out gave it to her and told her it was from her mum and she had never heard this theory before but was really calmed by it.

    It's a good thing, keep them, I wish I had.

    Take care xx

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  • Hi

    Yes, as the girls are said they're widely thought to be the calling card of an Angel, so looks like your dad's visitig you to reassure you he's still with you.

    As many of you know on here, I lost my 16 year old dd 4 years ago and I have lost count of the little white feathers she sends me, particularly when I'm feeling really down or need to know she's ok.

    Thank your dad honey, so he knows you recognise his messages and he'll send you more then when you need to know he's ok.

  • hi all,
    This is such a lovely post...i lost my baby girl Daisy on christmas day 2008 she was born sleeping and i really do hope that she sends me some sign soon to let me no that she is ok and happy. i have never heard about this before so will be looking out for the little white feathers now.
    hope every one is doing ok xxx kat xxx
  • Hi every one thanks heaps it helps loads when i find them even if its not him i can think its him and its comforting xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi everyone I have just seen a white feather fall into our garden from the sky and our baby girl was born sleeping last week so this is very comforting to know that she is ok. I didnt know about white feathers and typed it in and this is when i saw this its lovely. Than you xx
  • Hi ladies,

    I read this post yesterday. I found out over the weekend my mum has cancer and sadley it is not curable. We went to the hospital yesterday to see her doctor and when we got home after having talked about white feathers and the significance found 4 around the chair she was sat in. When I went home there were another 2 waiting for me in my front garden. It brought comfort to us both at a really difficult time so thank you for this post , it really made a difference to me xx
  • Keep finding white feathers since having alfie 2 weeks ago, think its my nan just letting me know shes popped by
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