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Never felt so low

Hi Gemma, firstly I am really sorry to hear about the m/c and the way in which you were treated. i know that at the moment it doesnt help but try and be +ve that the clomid is working, not that the thought takes anything away from the pain. Like claire21 I am really worried about you and think that you must see another (female maybe?) doctor. (if you cant face this how about calling NHS direct, they can give you advice and I think they will recommend that you see a doc who will then have to listen to you as you were told to go there by NHS direct, I have found docs helpful after being referred their by the helpline.) I had a m/c in Nov 04 when I was 16 weeks and although my baby was removed in hospital so different to your situation i didnt suffer from cramps for very long after I lost the baby and within 3 weeks I had stopped bleeding, so I am worried that you have been bleeding for so long. I was offered to see a m/c councellor who was very helpful so it might be worth asking to see one. We are all here to help it might be worth looking at the you are not alone thread. take care and keep in touch xx


  • hi gemma, a big cyber cuddle on its way to you, ive had 6 mc and they all went pretty smoothly except 2 ,one where it was twins and late at 16wks and i had retained products after 6 weeks i developed an infection and became quite ill,and one were i wasnt treated v.well. i would be positive you have managed to concieve so now you know you can. get to your gps tell them how your feeling and see if they can refer you to a different consultant, im now on baby number 3 so it shows you that all can go well, and im post cervical cancerimage
  • hi gemma i am so sorry you have had to go through this i too lost my baby on the 17 jan 07 an i too have pcos so it took us two years to concieve aswell i was told it is 1 in 4 women who m/c and it is also more common for women with pcos to m/c this doesnt make you feel any better but it is facts i had a d an c where they remove everything surgically i think they should have offered you this treatment it sounds like you still have some tissue left inside you an this is why you are still bleeding you definately need to get to the docs and tell them how you are feeling and tell them you are not happy about how you have been treated you shouldnt be getting cramps now it is important you get this looked at as you may have an infection which can cause even more problems call your gp now! on a positive note like the other ladies have said at least you now know you can conceive have a look at the sites where it tells you how to limit the risk of m/c again ie good diet no drinking take vitamins before you conceive stuff like that. if you want to ever chat about what you are going through then come onto the youre not alone site2 under the support header as there is a few of us on there who have been through this and it does help to talk about stuff. gud luck with the doc and dont take any shit take care luv em xx
  • So sorry to hear about your loss. I too miscarried on 2nd January this year. I should have been 11 weeks along but didnt show that on the scan. I wasn't offered a D and C as the doctors said that it wasn't necessary, as apparently the uterus was nearly empty.
    I didn't bleed that much to be honest and I only had cramps for the first few days when I was actually miscarrying. I have had slight bleeding since then, but only very slight and this is due to a small blood clot behind my cervix, so i have been told.
    It is really worrying when you are just sent home and don't know what to expect, and I was in exactly the same situation. It ended up with me constantly worrying and becoming obsessive looking on the internet trying to find the answers!!
    After one of the many visits back to the doctors and hospital, I was offered the opportunity to speak to the bereavement midwife. I saw her last week and it really helped. Although you were only a few weeks along and you didn't know until you were miscarrying, I would really recommend going to see someone like that.
    I would definitely go back to the doctors and dont take no for an answer. Only you know your own body and you know yourself if something is not quiet right!! Keep going on and on until you get the answers and treatment that you need otherwise you will worry constantly. Believe me I did!!
    Take care. Kelly xx
  • Hello Gemma
    I am so sorry to hear about your M/C. I to lost my baby in january , I was 8 weeks gone. I was offered a d & c though but they did tell me if I bled for to long I should come back as there might be an infection. I think you should see someone else for advice or speaking to someone, is there a different hospital or doctor that you can see? You need this sorted out asap, bleeding for that long cant be good for anyone. All the best.
  • Hi Gemma just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss.I had a m/c in July last year after 3 years of trying and had been on clomid for 4 months but then came of it and fell pregnant.After my m/c I bled for almost 3 to 4 weeks and was feeling so unwell.after becoming really unwell I was admitted to hospital and they found out that I had an infection.I think that is the biggest concern when you bleed for such a long time you become more prone to infection.I really think you should go to your GP and they can do a swab and send it of to be checked at the hospital.You shouldn't suffer in silence which is what I did because you just don't know what is normal or not.I hope you will go to your docs just to be sure.
    Take care and let us all know how you are
  • Hi, i just wanted to say thank you so much for all the support you've all given me, it really does help. I ve arranged to go and see my doctor again on thursday so hopefully she can give me some sort of indication with whats happening with my body. Im really grateful for everything you ve said, and it does put my mind at ease that im not alone on this. Talking to my partner about things is very limited at the moment as he's still finding it hard to accept, so knowing i have you girls to talk to is keeping me going now. All my love to you all, and again thank you, it means the world to me, Thank you xxxxxx
  • Also just remember i PCO doesnt prevent u from getting pg at all. it just takes a bit longer. (i know from experience). good luck at the doctors***
  • Thank you Tess, it always feels like your the only one whose going through these things (well at least it does to me) and its nice that i ve got people i can talk to now, you say you speak from experience, i take that you also suffer from PCO, is there anything i can do to reduce symptoms of them an also to limit chances of having a m/c again? My partner has bought me loads preg tests so that we can test every few weeks and he can wrap me up in cotton wool i think, but i think this ll prove a bit too much if they re always coming back negative x
  • i think repeatidly doing pg test can stress u out more. ( not the best idea! ). i am on my 7th pregnancy & i have NO children yet, i am now 16 weeks 4 days which is the furthest i have ever got. it took 6 m/c and yrs later! i realised when i was trying to get pg & believe me i tried & tried & that was the only reason i would have sex ( sorry 4 being so crued ). i would actually fake orgasms just bcos i knew my partner would not cum til i did so 2 hurry him up i would fake it ( desperate or what ), but when i put it 2 the back of my mind & had sex to actually feel pleasure thats when i fell pg. whats strange is that i love mushrooms, sweet things & dairy products but the more i ate the more pain i would get from my ovaries especially my left 1. when i cut them down drastically not totally i would feel less pain & fell pg. i didnt totally cut those things out during my other pregnancies but this 1 i have & i seem 2 b doing ok so far. but saying that dairy products & mushrooms make my vomit now. i still have sweets tho (my cravings) & i still have pain in my ovaries & when i get my scans it is very painful when theyre pressing on them but i have suffered from PCO since i was 15 so i have got used 2 the pain. i also got signed off work bcos of morning sickness when i was 6 wks & i havent gone back, i have just rested since november. also any outside stresses dont help. i used 2 get very stressed out about things & since i found out i was pg (by mistake), i have let all other stressful situations go right over my head, like they dont exist. i got pg this time when i decided 2 stop trying, my friend is a nurse (she bought the test as a joke ), im a nursery nurse & all my friends have children so it was really hard but its not something 2 get depressed about as that can decrease ur chances ( so i hear ). i wish u all the luck in the world, i genuinely really do. i will keep looking out 4 u 2 c how ur getting on, loads & loads of luck***
  • Hi, glad your feeling better and that you are going to the doctors, even if they can be gits (sometimes!!) you really do need to see someone. After I mc I really felt that nobody really knew how I was feeling apart from all my new chums on here - it's very supportive and you can really say anything without feeling a knob. Talking of knobs, i just wanted to check with Tess - isn't it normal to fake orgasms? I've only been doing it for 8 years?? Only joking!! Let us know how it goes on Thursday - take care honey, Claire xxx
  • I cant remember not doing it, i did it for so long!!! actually thinkin bout it, what is an orgasm? i seem 2 have 4gotten***
  • only joking, my o/h is VERY good at what he does!!!***
  • ha ha, it's funny before I fell my dh would look like he had tears in his eyes if I gave him the nod. In the beginning he thought it was great, then he was like - Jesus woman would you bloody well leave me alone???? And now I don't know whats wrong with me it's on my brain all the while - i've turned into a right old hornbag!!!
  • oh that is the funniest thing iv heard all yr, thats hillarious! i have turned in2 a horny cow, i dont know whats come over me. my o/h is soooo tired (cos i do no work & he wont stop til i cum, its a rule 4 him!!!). my back hurts so i get away with it & i get really out of breath just from walking so he doesnt expect me 2 do anything anymore (its absolutely fab!). the funny thing is he got so tired the other day he said "can i just go down on u cos i cant go on". (sorry if i cause any offense people) it was so funny, but what girl would refuse. he he***
  • I love the fact me and you are graphic. God I would rather that than faffing sometimes, espically when you just want the end result - and I don't mean the baby - got that now, well sort of, thats assuming it isn't going to be a kitten!!
  • i know what u mean, i wasnt sure if i shud say half the things i said (what r people gona think of us, he he!) by the way i think ur obssessed with kittens***
  • its quite funny, this topic is called 'never felt so low' and we have turned it in 2 sum porn site***

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  • I would actually quite like one, but my husband is allergic - shame, I'm might get one anyway and then he can move out!!
  • yeah they never leave u, animals 4 life not just 4 xmas!!!***
  • Tess, Claire, you really are dirty little minxes!!!!!!!!!!! Tell you what reading what you ve written has cheered mr up no end!!! it really has, just an update really, been to doctors they think its all over now and i should settle, if i ve not completely recovered in 2 weeks then they will force the gynae people to check me, so although im not really any the wiser about whats going on, i feel like i ve got a deadline, hopefully ill finish before then but if not somethings got to happen at their end. Thanks again girlys you really have cracked me up, x
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