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Babies, Toddlers, and Divorce

Can anybody offer any really good advice please. 

My wife and I are separated. I have my 2 girls (10 months and  nearly 3) 2 nights a week they are in nursery for 3 full days a week (11 hr days) and they spend the remaining 2 days either with my wife or her mom.

I think at nearly 3 my eldest should be potty trained, however, my (ex)wife doesn't want to start until after her holiday to Disney in September because she doesnt want to be caught short in the queues.

I have spoken to the health visitor and she agrees with me but said its pointless me trying to start training because the other 3 care providers aren't on board.

I am extremely keen to get full custody of the girls because I feel the current situation is holding back their natural developement but I am being faced with a brick wall in the shape of an ex wife because if they live with me she will no longer be able to afford the £700 per month house and the other luxuries she enjoys while they"re in nursery(state funded)

Can anybody suggest a way to get around this problem in the interests of my girls overall wellbeing??



  • It is very difficult to toilet train a child if they are not encouraged a few days in the week.  Although at almost 3, she shouldn't take too long to train, and may be old enough to tell her mum that she needs the toilet if she does.  It may surprise her mum, and may make her have to take the nappy off if the child does not want to wear it.

    Good luck.

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