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Don't know what to do! Want to start trying for a baby but husband not interested in sex

I m looking to talk to someone and for some advice! I have been with my partner for 10 years, 2 years married! I came off the pill april 2016, we only ever have sex once every few months! At the moment i would love to start a family and he says he would too but he never comes near me! My last period was 12th June so i have explained timings re ovulation and things but every night when we could to bed, all he wants to do is watch tv! I m fed up, emotional and hurt but he never wants to speak about anything! He says he loves me but i feel so alone!!!


  • It has to hurt. His behavior is truly horrific. It brings out the doubt if he really wants the kid. Maybe the age is issue too. Who knows, maybe he doesn´t want to have kids at all. Probably would be the best to talk to him. You have to come to the bottom of it. That is the only way to see where is the real problem because this kind of indeference is really strange. If there is no passion and love, would it be the good move to make child or go separate ways?

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