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Trouble losing the post pregnancy weight and partner being unkind

So I have a LB who's 10 months old and after my pregnancy I still haven't lost the weight I put on, before my pregnancy I was 9st and I put on 3 during my pregnancy and haven't lost it, when me and my partner argue, he calls me a whale, and it really really damages my self esteem every time, I know that I'm fat and need to lose it, but I don't need him to tell me. Has anyone else ever had this? I try to tell him when he apologises, how it makes me feel but it's like he doesn't listen and does it all over again. 


  • Hi Hun. Nobody deserves that, no matter what size they are! That is very wrong of your partner to say that, and sad he doesn't listen to you... make him realise that you grew your beautiful son and baby weight is normal! I didn't start to lose mine until 12 months after. X

  • Oh well.. I've noticed this unfair thing with my husband too. Although I am a skinny type and didn't gain much weight he still pointed that out. And when I dared to tell him that it would be nice to go to the gym, he hadn't spoken with me for the whole day. Imagine :)

    I also started losing my weight only in 10 months, and this is ok. Just keep loving yourself! You are beautiful and you should always remember it. No matter what.

    A friend of mine gained twice she was before and she couldn't lose the weight after the baby was born. And I think her family is the happiest ever. They are waiting for the second kid now. And she has so much self-confidence! When she walks, she like a star on a podium (weighing about 180 lbs). Accept yourself and your husband will love your body too! Yet, the gym is always a good and healthy thing if you have some time for it. XXX

  • I feel your pain. I have had this from my husband it's emotional abuse. 

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