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Advice please feel so lost!

last year I suffered 2 miscarriages both unplanned pregnancies but very much wanted.. by me. basically since my losses having another child is all I keep thinking about. I’m 37 and have a 13 year old boy, been with my partner for 11 years. He has always told me he’d have a child with me. Yet when I was pregnant last year he wasn’t very happy at all feel he was happy I miscarried. He’s now saying he doesn’t want children he doesn’t know why just doesn’t. This has really broke my heart I want one so much I don’t know what to do.  really starting to resent him and getting really low practically every day because of this. Really need some advice, should I just forget the whole idea and be grateful I have my son (which I am) or should i leave?? This pain is killing me but I feel to old  to move on and think about meeting someone else who feels the same. 

Any advice please


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