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What do I do....

Hey everyone I found I'm I'm nearly 6 weeks pregnant... my boyfriend already has 1 child from previous relationship and one from a one night stand 12 years ago... he's said he's not ready for another child... he said he really don't want it. I on the other hand have had a previous termination and not sure I can go through that again I think I can do this it'll be hard but I feel at 31 I could possibly so this. We do love each other but I'm very scared of what to do. Do I hoose the easy option for him or do I get stronger in myself tell my dad (mum already knows) and start planning and hope he will come round to the idea. He's a good dad to his children but I'm just very scared... any advice would be appreciated. I was on the pill and somehow I got pregnant. 


  • The choice quite simply is yours. If you feel you can manage then go for it. Just obviously be aware there is a risk that he might not be around and supportive.

    I hope everything goes how you want it. Just remember you are a strong independent woman and I’m sure you would make a great mother. :) 

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