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Help and advice needed

Hi, I’m hoping for some advice! 

I have been with my partner for 8 years, we have a 4 year old who we both love huge amounts. We split in October as I was struggling and I was unhappy and thought a lot of it was down to depression and anxiety. Things got better for me when he had gone and I started to be a happier person and a better mum, just before Christmas we decided to try again and he has almost moved back In. My daughter is telling everyone that mummy and daddy live together again.... trouble is now he’s back in the house I am misrable and unhappy and lack all motivation that I had when he wasn’t here. He’s such a nice person and he has done Nothing wrong recently, I just don’t feel the same anymore but I’m terrified to tell him because of fear he will become angry and I will lose all of my friends because they will think I have messed him around. In such a bad place.... please let me know what you would do! I’m also worried I’m going to have confused tm daughter and will have let her down! x


  • Hi, 

    Its a really hard one, i suppose you will have your answer in your gut, we all do..

    All i can say is you know deep down what you should do, to be unhappy for the sake for your child or partner will eventually turn to resentment and that xan become toxic in a relationsip.

    You had doubts and youve tried to work with that, but you cant you feel, if your friends dont support you are they truly your friends to not listen to your unhappiness.

    I obviously dont know you but from what i have read you sound trapped and scared that what you want to do isnt ok...

    well i think it is ok, life throws is curve balls all the time, and thats it life so please live it to the most fullest you can in health and in happiness .. 

  • Thank you for your comments, you have really helped. xx appreciate you taking the time to reply 

  • I wish you the very best 


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