Baby's dad's ex being sly

Okay so here goes ...

Me and my partner have been together for 5 years nearly we have a child together and he has two kids with his ex and I have one by a ex.

Well his ex has caused problems in the past before like sending pics off them together too my house, sent her underwear too my house in the kids clothes(could off been a mistake but laughed about it when we told her and asked him if he like them) tried splitting us up at the start and other little things.

She's married too someone she cheated on my partner with and is ment too be dead happy.

Since we'e had our little boy she always wants too meet up with us too do things like go for meals and have days out with the kids. She started with the slyness again by messaging my oh about there should off been wedding day. Messaged me the other day saying she loves my son like her own blood and keeps telling me she always wanted a boy and forever taking pics off our son and then adding them too social media.

Well she has just sent my oh some pics off them together again too his phone and keeps trying too hint about times they had together.

My oh thinks it's innocent but doesn' know why she does it and when I mention it too him saying it annoys me he just says she being harmless.

I understand they have kids together so are going too talk as we have them every weekend and nearly all holidays but it annoys me with her little comments and why does she need too send him things like that if she' is ment too be happily married.

Who else would be annoyed or do you think I'm just over thinking shit??? 

Need advise before i go mad....


  • Hi Jellybean, 

    No, you're not over reacting, you're feelings are very understandable. You are with your other half now. The ex is an ex for a reason.  If it is bothering you so much, perhaps have a talk to your other half's ex and try to explain how you feel. Or you can ask your other half to talk to her for you. Make sure that she asks if its ok to post photos of your son online, start with things like that.

    Hope this helps a bit. 

  • No your not over reacting I would think of it like this.. would your partner like it if you were sending your ex messages or pictures etc!? maybe Ask him if he would be okay with you doing this or if your ex started messaging you and sending pics etc..very strange she seems obsessed x

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