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Advice and help needed - 24 weeks pregnant and no support from family, they're being unkind

Hi. I'm new here and in need of help and advice. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I've just found out none of my family are supportive and none want me to have this baby. I'm 32 have my own house,work and drive. I'm not reliant on any of them for anything and never asked for anything. 10 years ago I adopted my nieces. They both moved out over a year ago. I'm not sure why they arnt supportive. When I ask they say snide comments and tonight ove been for a family meal where I was in a conversation with my niece and she got angry and said I shouldn't be a mum. I'm so lost. I don't need them but as there my family I want them to be there for me and support me. Even if it's just to come and meet the baby. I feel so pushed out and alone. What can I do. X 


  • Hi, sadly we can choose friends but not family, I wouldn't force or push them into anything. It' your life, the choices you make are your own. I'm very independent I've had to be with my parents so for me it was , your loss not mine or my babys and this is an exciting time for you don't let anyone spoil it . I would let them know that this is what u want and if they can't be happy for you then that's up to them but that u won't be around that kind of negativity.  U aren't 15 and pregnant living at home, good luck x

  • Thankyou for your reply. I'm the last of my sister's to have a child and I've not asked anyone for any help and have bought everything myself so far. They just seem to be punishing me for something I havnt done. I'm not dependent on any of them and I'm prepared to bring my baby up without them in his life. It's just cruel of them to be judging me and hating me at a time I need them the most. X 

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