My ex is threating me

Hi me an my ex has to kids toghter 6 and 3 ..  we broke up 8 months ago my choice ... he wasn't a very helpful father an never was in the house .. currently going through court atm ... he has access to them in a we'd Fri an sat way 2 over nights a month ... he has recently been sending me abusive messages about how am miss treating my kids emotional abusing them an mental saying that there terrified of me ... this is not true am a good mum not perfect but j do my best ... he twist everything I say into something bad about me an how am using the kids this is not the case .. he has threaten social services on me .. Am scared now having social services called on me .. I have nothing to hide it's more the thought.  Baring in mind he keeps throwing in my face that I live with my parents an don't have a house of my own .. he is twisting everything an making up lies and losing through his teeth ... Am scared that when it goes to court before a judge they will be live him and they will favour him ... Baring in mind he hasn't supported his kids finally in the last 8 months even when I asked him to buy the kids clothing he refused. .. any advice would be great thanks 


  • Hello

    if he is making accusations social services will get involved. This is not always a bad thing as firstly they will see there are no problems and secondly if he is making false accusations they will Know. If social services get involved they will look at his parenting too not just yours so try not to worry

    you have to go through the court process. Living with your parents is not a negative issue. They can help probide support and love for your kids and also mean you are financially stable.

    you have to go through the court process and that may mean social services become involved. The best thing you can do is work with thEm and be open and honest. There is no reason yo be scared

  • Thank you so much for ur reply ... yes I have court now on Monday... since this has happened me an the kids have our own property now an we live by our selfs ... social services has not contacted me an has not got involved so to me he was just trying to hurt me an make me scared cause he didn't get his way thank you so much 

  • Fingers crossed for you that it goes well... i went to quite a horrid custody battle and all i can say is stay strong and keep fighting

  • I don't think social service will handle the issue blindly. You can also save his messages as a threat and present in front of both social service and court. Don't be afraid. We fight the battles with our courage, not with lots of power. 

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