Relationship built on lies

im just after a bit of advice, unbiased advice. Seen as my family love the guy im with and think I should keep the realtionship Going with him. Basically Iv found out through goiing through his phone he’s lied about several things and now I’m thinking our relationship is built on them.( shouldn’t of gone through his phone i know) 

im pregnant with his child, everything was great. Then the hormones started, so I asked him for some space, he lied and said he slept in his car for the three nights, which Iv realised and found out he Never he was round corner at his friends house, driving back late at night to check on me to make sure I wasn’t with someone else. Then has lied about being out and what substances he took, and found texts on his phone which have now been deleted( think they were of a girl). this Is just to name a few lies. Should I give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him And give him a chance again or not? My heads in turmoil x


  • the first thing you should donis talk to him. Give him the chance to be open and honest. It sounds to me that maybe you have had doubts about the relationship before you went through his phone. Asking for space suggests this. if you are unhappy with the relationship and you cant solve it by talking then you need to move on regardless of what your family think

    in the other hand maybe hormones could play a part. only you know how you really feel. Go with your gut feeling. Either way things will be ok.

  • Better to talk to him at first and try to sort out this issue. Similarly, you have an open option to make a compromise for your kid but stop trusting and respecting him. In my opinion, a man who can breach the trust one time can do it again and again. 

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