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How to deal with your disapproving parents?


I am 5 weeks pregnant, my partner and I decided not to tell our parents that we are pregnant as last time the judgement and opinions we received from both sides hurt us deep and we were even encouraged to not go through with our last pregnancy,  unfortunately we had a MC anyway.  But now that we are pregnant again a year later I just don't know how to even bring it up with them, we were going to wait 12 weeks to tell them to avoid any judgement or criticism if we didn't even make it to the second trimester but now the anxiety of what is ahead is piling up.  Does anyone have any tips or Similar experiences That they can share?  


  • Why parents are so judgemental?
  • I am 8 years younger than my partner, (I'm 23 and my partner is a young 31) this is his second child,  his first is a complicated situation and his mother of his child is a master manipulator and my partner has taken her through court several times to try to get to see his child and the mother agrees then goes back on her word so my partners mother isnt excited to have another bad situation and is just worried and my. Mother and me have never had the best relationship and no matter what I do it won't be right or good enough.  
  • They will get excited at some point...just keep it to yourself for now and try not to stress.
    It's always hard to think positive after negative experience,but in the end they will accept you and baby and will be happy for you x
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    Thank you!   I really appreciate it!  Xx
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