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Unexpected pregnancy before potential divorce

It's been a rough couple months for me. My husband and I were going to file for divorce and then I found out I was pregnant. He used to say he was willing to compromise so we could coexist,but lately it's his way or none. He is upset I wont sleep with him.. but he has a visible outbreak of HPV. And I i dont need complications in my pregnancy. I'm waiting to hear back from the dr. Office but until then it's no sex. He get mad and this morning was trying to force himself on me. He plays it off like hes joking after when his advances dont work. I am so miserable because he think that he doesn't have to try in the relationship because I'm pregnant and apparently am stuck with him. I'm leaving tonight to stay with family,but I feel like I'm a failure at being an adult. And apparently in California you can't get divorced till after the baby is born. Its been rough. Just needed to vent. Sorry for the tmi.


  • Hello.

    It sounds like you are going through a really tough time. You are never stuck with anyone, baby or not. If you wanted to get divorced before finding out that you were pregnant unless you bother can make major decisions a baby will not make things better. I think you have made the right decision going to stay with family. It will give you the space that you need. It sounds to me like you are adulting pretty well. You are protecting yourself and your baby. You are thinking sensibly about the future and you are using your family for support. All pretty good adulting. I have no idea about divorce laws in California but try not to worry about that at the moment take one day at a time and look after yourself. Actually getting a divorce is just one part of a long process so worry about whats going on now and that will come later. I hope hou are doing ok !
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