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9 weeks pregnant, partner wants to move away from hometown

My partner has recently been offered a new job, which is a few hours away from where we live. We have all the plans and the go ahead to go and I am so happy he’s got this new position. 

I don’t mind moving, as I can still go home if I want to. My friend has just made me think more into it by saying it’s a long way away and now I don’t know what to think anymore, but we would be better off financially as a family to move. Help 😩😩


  • as you said, you don't mind moving as you can go home, you would be better off financially and it has all been planned out.
    maybe your friend is feeling a bit jealous of losing you so is trying to put you off x
  • That’s a good point, I’d still be splitting my time back home until I sort a job out and I would be travelling to uni. So it wouldn’t be as if I’m never going to be home x
  • did you mak a decision x
  • Yes 😊 we’ve moved and are all settled in now! Xx 
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