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Short exercises to help you to find who are you

Hi, everyone 
I have found an interesting test, which you can do right now ). Don't forget to write, what animal you are  :)

 "The Zoo of You."

The exercise begins by asking everyone to think of three animals.

When you’re ready, give the first animal that you thought of a characteristic or trait. For example, you may have thought of an elephant. What’s the first characteristic that comes to mind when you think of an elephant? Sensitive, smart, beautiful...?

Then, give your second animal a characteristic or trait as well.

Finally, do the same with the third animal that you thought of.

Remember these animals and characteristics/traits.

Okay. We now get to the interpretations of your animals…

The first animal you thought of represents who you think you are.

The second animal represents what you think other people think you are.

And, the third animal represents who you really are.

Chances are, some of the interpretations will be spot on. But, there will also be interpretations that totally miss the mark. That’s okay. The point of the whole exercise is to give people a chance to think in such a way… that somehow, there are various aspects of who we are: one that we think we are, one that we think other people think we are, and one that we really are.

The process of thinking such things can lead you to what is called “self-actualization.” We are the ones who determine who we are and who we become - not other people. That’s why it is important for us to get to know ourselves so that we won’t let other people determine or direct our lives for us.

So, how did you do with the zoo of you? Which animals you have chosen? 

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