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Other people flirting with my partner, need advice

winter2020winter2020 Regular
edited Mar 9, 2021 8:14AM in Relationships
Ladies how do you deal with other people flirting with your partner? There's a shop assistant at our local shop that has been flirting with my partner for about four months now. As we only have a small fridge we're in the shop a lot. She purposely waits until I leave or tries to send us to separate tills, usually me to another one across the store. When I'm in the store by myself and end up at her till, she's nothing but rude and throws my stuff down the till, had a few eggs cracked because of it. It's driving me insane and really making me anxious about stepping foot in the store. We're only a young couple and our son is only 10 weeks old so sex hasn't happened for a while. 

Does anyone have any advice at all?


  • Hello, 
    Oh that's so annoying, I would hate that too and I'm not surprised you are feeling like you will feel awkward going in. 
    Have you mentioned it to your partner? I think what I would do is let mine know that it is bothering me and be a bit overly loved up in there. 
    She sounds like an idiot x
  • Hi thank you so much for replying. I've mentioned it to him but he's completely clueless when it comes to these things. Everytime he goes to the shop, say on his way home from work, he'll mention to me all the things she does. He just sees it as an advantage as she tends to cut the price of his shopping down. She's continued her advances since as well. I went back to my mum's for a week to visit family as my nan is ill and she kept asking my partner how our relationship was because she hadn't seen me in a while. 
  • That's such a weird thing to ask someone :/ I don't really know what to suggest to be honest :( I think if it was me I would want to know how he replied to her asking that because that should have been enough to put her off. I think I would explain to him that it's making me uncomfortable and ask him to ignore her x
  • He said that he kept going on about how amazing I've been doing since I've had the baby but that hasn't really stopped her. We've decided that we're going to start doing our main shop at a different shop and only pick up a few bits there to try and minimise any interactions with her. Don't really know what else to do short of reporting her xx
  • Well yes that was the other thing I was going to suggest! She sounds like she needs bringing down a peg or two! But that's a good idea to go to another shop because then hopefully you won't have any need to think about it again. Xx
  • Thank you so much for replying. I really needed to talk to someone about it so it's definitely helped get it off of my chest xx
  • Ah I'm really glad it helped :) always good to get something off your chest! Xx
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