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I have posted this in toddler forum but thought as you have been through toddler stage you may have some tips.

My LO is 22 months old and has just started hitting me and having a tantrum. If he gets told off he he gives a dirty disgusted look (which he has picked up off me i'm ashamed to say) then starts throwing himself about and hitting me. I have been going down to his level when i tell him off and making sure he is looking at me and I have his attention before telling him off, but he simply gives me the disgusted look and then hits me. I tell him not to hit as it's very naughty and make him say sorry but he does it again. He is now hitting our poor dogs as well. I dont know where he has picked up hitting from as neither myself nor his dad has ever hit him and none of our family ever would, and he doesn't go to nursery. I dont want to hit him to tell him off as this teaches him it's ok to hit someone if they make you mad. He also walks round flinging his arms about afterwards and seems to be 'in a mood' for up to 15 minutes after he has been told off. any suggestions on how to tame him? is it worth trying the naughty step at his age?

any suggestions will be a huge help



  • Awe, he sounds adorable.... so much attitude in one little body! lol... yes I know easy for me to say. He sounds really normal, and unfortunately if he's anything like my daughter he may well keep this up for a lot longer than any mummy should have to deal with.

    I think you are doing a great job and yeah I'd try the naughty step, keeping it to sort of a 1 -2 minute cool down period, though I'll be honest I used a playpen for this at this age... I put a bunch of toys and soft books in to give them a chance to cool off and would let tell her she had to stop screaming before she was allowed back in to circulation.... The playpen being in the middle of the sitting room, and then once she could climb out I used a sheepskin rug as her cool down rug. Don't blame yourself if he memorizes all the thomas the tank engine names after one episode but seems to still not remember you saying don't hit after the 1000 time, I swear toddlers have a tune out mummy's voice button they are testing out for their teenage years.

    Good luck

  • I have just started doing the same as marnie. Yes the first couple of times are really tough, but they soon get the idea that if they calm down and behave they can come out. Just prepare the room you are going to use. Take out anything valuable. Hayden has pulled off chunks off wallpaper and trashed his room, but once he realised he wasn't going to get a reaction from it, he stopped! Also because i'm pregnant it's safer for me to just put him in his room rather than battle with him to try and get him on the naughty spot.

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