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Am a bit teary

Today was my 5 and 4 year old's last day in day care :cry:. I am pulling them out because after the holidays they will both be in school, my daughter full time and my son will be in Kindergarten 2 days a week. They sent home their scrap books from day care that have a majority of their work in from when they first joined :cry:. The pictures on the front are of them when they were 2 and 3 years old and there are lots of photos of them doing activities and their art work as it has progressed and with all these end of year bbq's and stuff from play groups and such and I guess this being the last one it has just hit me that my babies are growing up:cry:. We are trying for another baby because I feel ready for that and this made me want it more just looking at all their little achievements and knowing I could experience that again. Still a new baby does not replace the two in my house that are swiftly growing up. WHY CAN'T THEY ALL STAY BABIES!

I was also so proud yesterday as my 5 year old daughter has been one of 5 students out of her class chosen to skip prep and go straight on the grade 1 cosidering she was behind the other kids at the start of the year this is a wonderful achievement and I just wanted to scream it from the roof tops but I thought the other parents may not appreciate that :lol:.


  • No one else has responded maybe everyone else thinks I am a bit wooz
  • Aaww - well done to your daughter!! I know how you feel my eldest starts nursery in a few weeks and although its only part time I still feel like im loosing him to a teacher! I want him to stay with me!! Time flys dosnt it? Good luck ttc. xx
  • I know this is a late response - I've only just found this forum doh!

    Well done to your little girl - you shout it from the rooftops - you deserve to (maybe just not in earshot of the other parents!)

    I never really bothered about my girls growing up as I was so young myself, but with my boys (now 5 and 7months) I hate it - and I well up all the time with them!!xx
  • Yeah I am still getting teary at night about my son going to kinder. I worry about him making friends because he wont potty train and who wants to be firends with the kids who wets himself! He will get 4 hours a week of assitance with his learning because he is a bit behind in his speech and stuff but I do worry about it. It has hit me now that my daughter wont be in a class with her friends and will have to make all new ones. She is really popular and smart and will probably make them easily but then I don't know that for sure and I worry about it. My partner just doesn't understand why I worry about this stuff.
  • I think its natural to worry. I do all the time about my dd. I was so pleased recently as I found out that one of her friends from nursery will be going to the same school in september and so at least she will know someone. I'm sure that the kids will be fine its just us that are the problem!LOL!!
    Libranaster I'm sure your little boy will make friends.
    Rach,how did your son get on?
  • It makes me wonder why we go through so much pain when our children just get on with it!
    I remember it all with all 3 of mine and now my son will be 15 tomorrow !
    Even though my other 2 are 13 and 8 I still find it hard when they do something new by themselves.
    I want to protect them forever !
    Its us adults that find new things hard honestly image

    Lorraine xxx
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