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My 5 YO

My eldest DD is 5 just over, and is giving me cause for concern. She's had some problems at school with bullying but that had been sorted out, but i'm wondering has it? cos she's a very sensitive lil thing anyway, some days you just have to say boo to her and she'll cry! anyway the last few days she's been really quiet again, and yesterday when she got home she looked really white and all eyes, so i put her to bed at 6 in the hope she'd go off to sleep---but nope! she decided to wait till her sis came to bed so i told her off for not taking the opportunity to get some sleep, cos since they've been sharing a room my youngest does have a nasty habit of mucking about and shouting at night, cos she's been complaining that she's tired and her sis is keeping her awake. so this morning we get up all i get is i'm tired i don't feel well, so i was like right well you stay in bed and get some sleep. at 8.20 when she's realised she's not going to school, she shouts down the stairs i feel better now! i mean i can NEVER get the truth outta her anyway neither can my OH so won't even talk to her nana and she's really close to her! its doing my head in now, cos half time i just don't know what to think with her. same as she doesn't talk to us properly instead of asking clearly for something she'll mutter and i have to keep getting her repeat herself until i can understand her clearly---i know her hearing is okay cos that is checked cos my OH is deaf in one ear. anyone else got a lil monster like this? if so any advice?! please



  • your daughter sounds like a very scared little girl. pls dont take what i say in a bad way coz its not meant like that at all.
    is there anyway you can do some mummy and daughter things with her, just the 2 of you (dont know if you do this already?) and be her best friend, i know you have to be her mother but if she wants to stay up at night maybe she just wants some reasurrance, a cuddle and for the morning not to come too quickly?
    i would talk to her teachers and ask if she talk quietly in class too. maybe her teachers have noticed a change in her.
    i think she maybe playing up abit becuase she just wants some attention, me and you know shouting wont get the best attention but maybe she doesnt understand that if she wants a cuddle she just needs to ask.
    i hope things sort out soon hun x
  • Hi Claire, this sounds pretty much like my daughter at the moment she turned 5 in feb and like you i am also due another baby next month, she got up this morning not wanting to go to nursery but i sent her anyways, i am beginning to get the feeling th new baby is playing on her mind, s i have been tld kids can get really worked up about these things, like wannababy said try spending a little you and me time i know its hard as you have another lo aswell, i have said to my dd we will go to pictures next week and i am going to take her shopping, i think trying to include them as much as possible, but then again you know what they are like image
  • As it would turn out this virus she's just had actually sent her into a state of delerium! poor lil poppet. She still has moments were she'll mutter and not ask for things properly but she seems to have picked up again, only thing that still bugs me is getting her to eat she is sooooooooooo fussy! she's been like it from the time i started weaning her and she's not really improved yet! then again my bro was exactly the same now he eats like a trash can so time will tell i guess. As for activities together as soon as i've had this LO i wanna teach her to rollerskate lol so going to get her some and me some new quads too be a good way to get back in shape too especially if we have a nice summer!

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