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is so sick of judgement from people (rant)

I don't know if other mum's get this but I am a bit pissed off with it really and that is judgement on how I deal with my children from people with babies or not children at all. My children are aged 4 and 6 and are no picnic to live with like most children. I really love being a mother but the stuff that comes with it gets on my nerves. Like yesterday I had to leave my two with a friend of mine while I went to the doctor. Then I was so nackered by the time I got back I was not in the mood for any shite as anyone would not be. My youngest who is a wonderful little boy by the way does not like change and so he was not very happy about being left with somebody else. He is having problems with his speech development though so the best way he can get on my back about it and communicate his distaste for being left is to cry and scream and chuck whammies. So I had that for the rest of the night. In between this my friend rang up who has zero and count them zero children we tried to talk and finally I said to my daughter who has had no trouble putting dvd's on herself since she was 18 months old to put a dvd on for my son so I could get some peace and talk on the phone. Usually she has no trouble but while I am on the phone first she stuffs up and puts the special features dvd on and then when she gets the right dvd she touches the bottom of the dvd with her greasy fingers making it not play. So I then have to put down the phone go over there and fix it up myself so I raised my voice about it considering if I wasn't on the phone she would have done it easy. My friend also recently found out I am pregnant again and the good news that my CVS results came back that the baby is normal. Still after this she is on the phone saying to me "are you alright and in reference to the baby are you going to keep it". WHAT! I was over the moon when I found out the baby was ok and we had been trying for another one. This is the most planned baby we have had! Emily then wanted something else and I told her to wait until I finished on the phone and she who is six years old cracked a tanty with me at age six this is not acceptable. So I once again raised my voice and told her to go to her room she would not so I personally escorted her there. My friend is like "they are only little". No they aren't they are aged 4 and 6 YEARS not months and I am not having my daughter;s little princess routine thankyou very much! She acts like a spoilt brat and even earlier this year told me to shut up. No way am I putting up with tanties from her, my son has some learning problems which puts his understanding of language at age two so I will take a little bit more from him. God her judgements and the way she was talking like it was abnormal to yell at your kids was rediculous. She said things like "oh you have an nice way of talking to your kids". AHHHHHHHHHHHH! She really shat me off and I said to her she would sing a differemnt tune when she has kids.


  • The only thing I can say is that maybe in a few years she will have children of her own, and everything she has ever judged you or anyone else on will come back to haunt her. My sil was so judgemental of me from the moment my first was born, from the way I held him spoke to him, everything, when my 2nd was born I had to give up breastfeeding after just a few weeks as I couldnt give her enough, she was a big hungry baby (10lb 12oz at birth) my sil made me feel like complete crap and a failure for not sticking to it I also had pnd after Megan and I got nasty comments about not realising how lucky I was and how alot of people would give their right arm for what I had, then when babies no 3 and 4 were born she still made comments which I mostly ignored but they still bugged me, any how she now has a 1 year old son who she gave up b/f after just 1 week, never wants to be around coz hes such hard work (sorry but arent they all) and basically everything she slated me for has happened to her, but do I laugh, You bet your life I do muhahahahahahahaha.

    Take no notice and btw really pleased your results all came back good for you Hugs xxxxxxxx
  • Oh yeah I can not wait to give her back some of her own medicine when she has kids. I would have been a supportive friend but now she has started something I can tell you.
  • oh my god,your friend sounds like my sil sooo having the last trying for our last wee shot but i know how difficult it is to remind people that you have a set of rules and please dont interfere (like pigs will fly).kids have to get used to family dynamics be that put up with younger siblings etc its called long as theyre loved theyll be better people with a bit of discipline.dont worry carry on you sound like a very good mum to me.xxxxx
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