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hi just wondering if anyone had been in the same situatation or had any advice. my 3 year old son has just started preschool and seems to be having trouble settling down and is being told by the other children that hes being naughty and that hes hurting them, even when hes not even in the same room! he can be a handful as his speech is behind for his age ( we are waiting to see a speech therapist and is hearing is fine).one of the ladies seems to feel a full day for him there is too much for him and another lady who is the supervisor has told me to put him for extra sessions in september. hes goes in the afternoon on a tuesday and full days, wednesday and thursday which is half 9-half 2. my little boy really enjoys going but i dont want it to get to the point where hes not wanted there.


  • Hi my only adive is if you are not happy with what is happeneing, change the nursery if you can. the manager should be happy to sit down and discuss any problems and best course of action and your son should have a key worker who is there to help your son whilst he is there. Is your sons key worker helping, him playing with him, working with him to play with others?
    I changed my daughters nursery and i feel very happy where she is now x
  • my little boy (3) started preschool in April, half day only though, at the school where he goes full days are not allowed until 4 1/2 as they feel its too much for the younger kids & can cause issues. can you change to more half days, it may help. x
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