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Waking with visual hallucinations???

Hiya ladies,

My daughter is coming up to 5, and for the past year she has gone through stages of waking up late in the evening and being really scared. It doesn't happen often, probably around once a month.

She cries and shakes and gets really worked up saying 'everything looks far away', she is really terrified. It used to happen when she was ill and had a temperature so I put it down to that, but now it happens when she is perfectly fine. It takes ages to calm her down and she eventually comes round and settles again.

It happened tonight and she was looking at her pictures on the wall saying they looked far away, they have been there since she was a baby so nothing in the room has changed atall.

Has anyone elses children ever had this?? Really don't know what is causing it and it's really scary when it happens, she doesn't seem herself.

Any ideas what it could be?



  • Hi there,
    Im gatecrashing from ttc but my son used to suffer with something similar, although he never seemed fully awake during these episodes and wouldnt coherently respond to me or dh. When I looked up his symptoms i found out he was suffering from hinght terrors, a mixture of a nightmare and sleep walking type symptoms.

    It could be worth looking in to, or if you are really concerned it is something more Id visit the doctor.

    Good Luck xx
  • hi my daughter who's 5 has a similar problem so i took her to see my gp n he said it was dehydration ( i was shocked but it turns out she wasnt getting enough to drink whilst at school she just needs that little bit more than most other children ) so i now send her to school with a bottle of water & make sure she has plenty or fluids & it seems to have worked so far xxx
    i dont know if it will help but i'd try & keep her fluids up xxx
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