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I don't believe it!!!

Molly had her preschool booster today. By God did she scraem the surgery down. My other half came too and we managed to pin her down long enuff so they could get the needles in!
She had some stickers and sweets and was fine once we'd left. Kept thinking well at least thats her done till she older!
About and hour after we got home my oh received a phone call fornm the nurse telling us they had forgotton to mix the mmr powder with the water b4 they put it into the suringe so she was just injected with WATER! Hence shes got to go bk and Friday and we will have to go thro the stress again! Molly was so upset when we told her image I can't believe she had the injections all for nothing, poor baby image


  • Oh your poor little girl and how bloody stupid are the nurses...I would complain because thats just plain wrong, what if it had been a combo of things she shouldnt have had on their own?????
    As for you lo screaming the surgery down after that, good on her I think she should scream louder next time too just to make them feel bad!lol
    I know its not nice and scary for her, my three were the same but for her to go through it again a few days later is just unfair(I know she needs the jabs to keep her healthy etc but still...)
    I do wish you luck for Friday xxx
  • hi your poor daughter, definatly make a compliant thats not good enough.
    can i ask, how many jabs did your daughter have to have? i was sent a list of about 7 different jabs for my daughter to have on her pre-school jabs and im still waiting for the doctors to call me back about it!
    im so angry, how could she forget to do what she was meant to do! i would ask for a different nurse too x
  • Hi girls, thank you for the replies.
    I did'nt even think about complaining as I did'nt think it would get us ne where. I ve complained about the NHS b4 to no avail!
    She had two injections one in each arm. One was supposed to have the mmr and the other was tenitus I think? Woild have to check in her red book to make sure!
    Iwantanotheronepls, I was'nt sent a choice of jabs? I just turned up and they gave her them, I did'nt know you could choose what they had?? Maybe I will ask about that 2muro.
    She will only need the one injection thank god, just the one they f***ed up!!
    Shes not happy tho, all day shes been going on about not going back to the doctors to have it done again!! x
  • hi it wasnt a list of choices i was sent just what she needed to have. as far as i know you dont have to have your children have any jabs its entirly up to you what you want them to have but the government advice is for them to have all the recommened jabs to stop outbreaks of things like measles. i let my daughter have the jabs as i think the risk of her not having them is higher than the risk of her having them but i dont want her having too many at once.
    how did it go having the jab redone? hope all is ok now.
  • Well it was'nt pretty girls!!! My oh took her so thankfully I missed all the screaming this time. He had to pick her up and carry her into the room this time as she knew what was coming! The lady was so apologetic to my oh and even gave Molly a little pressie she had brought. It was a sylvanian families baby figure. She was upset but very happy with her toy. I don't think theres ne point in complaining, it's all overwith now and the nurse was obviously so sorry for the mistake. At least thats it now till shes older! x
  • oh well done to your oh, mine wouldnt take my three!lol.
    And Im glad the nurse felt bad enough to buy a little pressie for your dd too.
    Im glad it went ok, My dd is due hers in a few weeks aaarrrggghhh lol.
  • Oh Kathryn thats horrible when they take ages doing it is'nt it! Esp with the tiny babies when they have to have up to 3 in one go! Luckily the nurses at this surgery are the quickest Ive experianced, one holds the arm and passes the other nurse the injection whilst they quickly get it in! Molly is terrified of the doctors now too image x x x
  • Aww the poor thing, i have to take maya for hers on the 27th
    she is putting a brave face on but i can tell she isnt happy about it x
  • my little one is due his boosters soon!!
    when he had the flu jab a couple months ago the nurse was amazing!! she pinched his arm first and then stuck it in!! he watched and there was not 1 tear!! i was stunned! normally he screams the place down!!

    be glad when its all over!!
  • my daughter had hers today and funnily enough said there had been a few cases of nurses not mixing in the powder first! she had it written on the box as a reminder!!
    anyway no tears at all just a slightly tender arm tonight.xx
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