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Was just wondering what the general view of  home education on this site was and if there where any familys on here considering doing so or home edding all ready? merry xmas everyone x


  • We considered it in September.We had our eldest  four children at a school I was really,really not happy with.It's a cold austere institution that I didn't want to form such a major role in my children's lives.We looked into home ed as it seemed to be the solution.Their main concern is with statistics,inflexible rules,targets,charts.Children of just turned 3 have to fit into the same mould as those who are 11,same rules,same uniform.While the nursery/reception staff were actually lovely,beyond that the vast majority can best be compared to Star Trek 's Borg Collective,resistance is futile,you will be assimilated and all that..If your child does well they are forgotten,cos the teachers are busy  with those that need help.I have a very bright 7 year old who was just not being stretched at all.The first thing you see when you walk into school is an attendance chart.My kids hold the record for lateness,cos this summer I had 4 for school and three babies to get out the door.Final straw was when the local council made the entire area surrounding the school permit only parking,it's really too far for my little ones to walk ,and it just wasn't worth the trouble for a school that we weren't happy with.Those are personal gripes though with a particular school.

    By law you have to provide your child with age appropriate education.You do not have to send them to school.All you have to do is put in writing instructions(not a request,they're your kids)to your school's headteacher for them to deregister your children from the school role.It' then down to them to inform the LEA.The local education contact you,they may visit,you don't have to allow them to as their visits are not compulsory either.It gives you the total freedom to teach your children what you want to teach them,within loose guidelines,as you obviously want them to get on in the world they live in.You fit your own timetable,you work to your child's ability.

    We decided to give school one last chance,we found a school that is everything the other one wasn't,everything you's want from a primary school ,but I only managed to get places for two of my children,and it's right on our doorstep.They're doing really well at the newschool.They get work that makes them want to work,even my nearly 5 year old who had no interest in reading,writing,sounds,playing with other kids.The older two are at the old school still.My eldest goes to Grammar School in September,but my daughter will be there for another two years on her own after he's gone,so September we may be back to the home ed decision again,unless she gets a school place with my younger children.

    If you're serious about home ed there are websites,there are resources and online communities for support.Not all children thrive in a school environment,but not all schools are the same,I'm glad we looked around before making that decision.The two things I worry about with home ed are the social interaction with peers,we have a large family,but they need friends outside the family too.Also,my eldest boy is going to Grammar school in September.I would like the others to too,but if I take them out of school,I wonder if /how they'd fit back into the school system later on.It is something we seriously considered though,and it may still come to that,but I do see it as the last resort.No school is better than a bad school.

  • Hey there yeah seems like you have had your fair share of bad luck with school image thanks for your info I am currently home education my 5 year old girl and 4 year old boy, I feel that you do it from birth so why stop I was just interested to see if you guys on her where home ed friendly lol, didn't want to get bombarded with hate mail lol, As there are many peeps out there that don't agree, I live in Scotland so i don't need any permission what so ever or guidelines to follow which is how it should be really after all we give birth to them so why should some other strangers(goverment bodies) tell us how they should be educated image . My two love the freedom we are part of the Edinburgh and beyond home education community which is fantastic and we have lots of friends I don't work so I am able to learn with my kids and watch them grow and hopefully have a bright future .I don't think there is many good schools nowadays not in Scotland anyway I don't like the whole school package at all. I will always give them the choice thou but hey would you go giving the choice lol. I never have the social worry my kids go to groups and meet regular with lots of kids but lets face it ,they don't need hundreds of pals as long as my kids are happy and confident then they will be who and where they want to be in life hopfully. hope everything goes well for you in the future and your kids are happy no matter what you guys decide to do. thanks again maryanne.x
  • id love to do it!!!image

    My other halfs not so keen as both of our two excell in groups of children, they amaze me when around there peers so maybe for them home ed wouldnt be right, although, I will always have it in the back of my head when we 'try' school! 

  • Hi Maryanne,I think what your'e doing is highly commendable.

    Personally,I couldn't home teach,as I'm not as bright as the big fella,and he doesn't agree with home ed. I do think it's fantastic tho,and agree with quite a few of your comments in your posts,and that has TBH along with Jo's informative post given me the confidence to change things if I'm not happy when Tom starts school.

    I've had major misgivings about playgroup!!!!!  Maybe I should look into home ed a bit more!!!


    Thanks guys for your lovely comments Its people like yourself that give us the confidence to do what we do and We wouldn't change it for the world feel free to ask me any questions you may have about home ed and I am very willing to share my experiences and knowledge with you all  happy new year to you all.          Ps you dont have to have degrees too home ed just knowledge of the world,and understanding of your kids and the want to find there answers to there questions.(and have lots of fun too.) take care ximage
  • Aw thanks Maryanne x
  • Thankyou for that,Maryanne.

    Certainly something to consider.

  • Hi, I'm new to the site so I hope it's ok for me to reply.

     I've been home-educating my children for nearly 7 years. They are aged 14, 12, 8, and 4. 

     If anyone is interested in finding out more about home-educating, please feel free to get in touch image

     Jules x

  •  Hi I homeschool my 5 year old boy over here in mexico. we are both English . 

    if anyone knows of any good online English homeschooling resources and downloads i would greatly appreciate it.


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