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will it hit him

well i think you know my story by now about my ex well i have agreed to let him in when i have my c section havent really had a lot of contact with him since he left but all of a sudden i am getting texting if i am ok how is the baby he will stay as long as he can in the hospital and can he cut the cord mum and a few of myt friends and the thought has crossed my mond that it going to hit him on monday just what he has left friends are worried that he will try just when i am low and start trusting him agian in my mind now i say never but i worry that i might b low one day and let my guard down.:\?


  • Let your guard down if you think its the right thing to do, only you can decide that hun. I have let my guard down to my girls dad more than enough times and i have learned the hard way never to do it again. But thats just me, You'l be fine on your own though =] xx
  • it will hit him not sure when but it will. my oh cheated b4 i was preg and whole time i was prg i kept telling him to his ex (he has girl with her) to get off his back and he never did, he just kept telling me did so i left and when i gad my son 8weeks early he rushed to ireland (we in london) to be with us as he very sick.he changed alot from time he held his son, and now 8months later ive finally let my guard down and come back to uk and we are will never let it all the way down just enough to let the air he had texted me and called while i was in ireland before baby comebut i kept my guards up and didnt let him get to me.maybe he was geniune the whole time maybe he wasnt i dont know, same as i dont know fo definite he wont cheat again but he has proved he his listening to me he got the bitch to back off, she never rings or calls and we have freedom again
  • id love to know that question will it hit him id love to think hed turn up at the delivery suit wrap his arms around me and tell me how sorry he is and how much he loves me and amy and kids and how hed never leave me again i just wished i cud jump ahead 9 weeks to find out mine ent even texting me now its like he has 4got i exist and i deletet his number out my phn cos of the way he was treating me and how upset i was getting i was crying everyday wen he was textin me and i was texting hi it was pointless cos i think he was just useing me hes got his new life with his 16 yr old pisshead friends so its no gud me chaseing him round and round in circles ive just got to wait 4 him to grow up and realise what a big mistake he has made and if he doesnt ive just got to try and move on 4 me and my kids sake xxx
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