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needsum advise

right well my ex left me for my best friend and they will b movin in together soon as she lives near me but my ex currently lives 55 miles away so he wants to b near his sons we have an 11 month old and im due to give birth in 4 days lol!!! he doesnt have our son over night at the min as i dnt trust him (but do have my reasons y) and in the past 4 weeks hes cum to see his son 4 3 n hlf hours n since we split has not provided at all for either of his sons.
hes said once he has moved he will help out more and b a proper dad to them which i really hope he does but i doubt it very much! but wat do i do wen he does move n wants to take them bk 2 his do i let him meet his gf bearin in mind they have only been tgeva 4 months and how do i knw they will be safe do i ask to see were hes livin b4 i let them go? i mean 1 good thing is at least i knw the girl hes with not that i particuly like her now but its better than him bein with some random person if u knw wat i mean? they wont be stayin over night until we have sorted something out about trusting again.
any advise would be great xxx


  • well me n his gf grew up tgeva been best friends since we were 8!! but tbh now i wudnt trust her with a dog plus b4 me n craig split my lo didnt like her (good judge of character already :lol: ) and after 4 months imo is way too soon to introduce sum1!! wen ive had baby he wont b goin to stay not until he is older he may be he dad but he aint gunna knw who the hell he is if that makes sense!! esp if he still goes about seein them wen he wants!! but says that wen hes moved closer hel b a better dad n hel actually get a job n pay 4 them! not that i can see that happenin!! lol
    im glad u said that ud ask to see were there livin i thought that was just me bein over pro tective!!
  • well an update hes decided when hes moved he wants them more i said no n hes takin me to court!!!! i doubt it wouldget that far but it just pisses me off wat he thinks he can do!!!
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